100 Things to Do in a Forest – Jennifer Davis

100 Things to Do in a Forest is a book that has to be in every home. Whether there is a forest near you or just a little park, this book will help you spend some quality time out there. I know, even a small picnic is enough sometimes but believe me, there is so much to do in greenery!


Jennifer Davis runs Stonebury Learning in Bristol, UK, an outdoor learning community which provides children and adults with opportunities to explore and develop connections with the natural world. And 100 Things to Do in a Forest does what it says! After reading just a few chapters, I find myself in a park, barefoot, looking at trees.

100 Things to Do in a Forest

Do you know what wassailing or dadirri are? Do you have a wishing tree? Did you ever think that counting things may be therapeutic? (Think birds or certain flowers.) Oh, the things I’ve learned from this book still amazes me!

There are five categories in this book: Creating, making and interacting is the first, Discovering the forest on your walk is the second, Eating and drinking is the third, Meditation, mindfulness and relaxation is the fourth and Woodland skills, and bushcraft is the fifth. They are not in order, but you’ll see a small logo-like indicator near each title. These will help you find your favourite activities as there is an index at the end of the book.

I’d recommend this book to everyone who wants to spend more quality time outdoors. The illustrations are beautiful, and the recommendations are fun! And I must say this will make an excellent gift for all readers and nature lovers!

100 Things to Do in a Forest

100 Things to Do in a Forest

In an age when people are in search of new and more fulfilling experiences to replace screens and bring families together, this book explores 100 ways to connect with nature and discover the benefits of forest fun.

From bushcraft activities like whittling and firelighting to spiritual pursuits like forest bathing and meditation, forest educator Jennifer Davis has brought together activities for people of all ages, helping them to connect with their forests and woodlands, while discovering the healing and restorative benefits of a life lived outdoors.

Jennifer Davis

Jennifer Davis is passionate about educational reform and is working to change people’s attitudes towards the natural world through exposure and fun in the outdoors. She has spent her life working with children and trying to encourage creativity and problem solving through hands-on learning opportunities.

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