50 Art Ideas You Really Need to Know – Susie Hodge

I have been thinking about reading art books for a long time now. Learning about the painters and their paintings have always been entertaining for me. Maybe for this lifetime, I have to scrutinize and create a substantial reading list. But, the books to read are so many that I can’t even spare time for it.


At this point, this book came to my rescue. Susie Hodge has prepared an excellent book for those who are so interested in art. For those who want to go deeper like me, I can say that it has been a delightful introduction book.

50 Art Ideas You Really Need to Know

50 Art Ideas You Really Need to Know includes art movements that have emerged chronologically from the past to the present, in response to what, and in what event. My suggestion is to have the internet at hand while reading the book and look at the works of the mentioned artists. Otherwise, it is easy to forget everything. Enjoy!

50 Art Ideas You Really Need to Know - Susie Hodge

50 Art Ideas You Really Need to Know

A visit to an art gallery can be a baffling experience – a bewildering parade of paintings, sculptures, artists and movements with little perspective on how they all fit together. 50 Art Ideas you Really Need to Know is here to help. For all those who don’t know their Degas from Dali or their Monet from their Mondrian, this informative and insightful guide discusses 50 of the most important and influential concepts in art from the Ancient Greeks to the present.

Taking in the defining artistic moments in history, including the Baroque, the Renaissance and the Modern, this book also explores influential movements such as Romanticism, Cubism and Minimalism. Susie Hodge’s concise and insightful text is accompanied by a glossary explaining key terms, as well as brief mini-essays and informative biographies on major artists of the period.

Featuring an informative array of images to illustrate key concepts and comprehensive timelines to place each movement in its context. This book provides a broad-ranging survey of the most significant developments in the world of art and design. It will delight anyone who has ever been mystified by artistic jargon. And wants to gain a deeper, more thorough enjoyment of art.

Susie Hodge

Susie Hodge FRSA is a British author and artist who has written more than 100 books. And many articles and web resources for both children and adults. Within genres such as art history, practical art, history, design, science, religion and biography. She was previously a copywriter at Saatchi & Saatchi and JWT.

Reading this book contributed to these challenges: 

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