A Glove Shop in Vienna – Eva Ibbotson

A Glove Shop in Vienna immediately caught my attention with its name and that beautiful cover. I had never read Eva Ibbotson before, and I decided that her stories would suit the winter months. I guess I would save it for other winters if I knew I was going to get so confused. I admired some of her stories and quickly passed some of them. Some of them I will never remember, others will be with me for a long time.


A Glove Shop in Vienna -  Eva Ibbotson

The stories in A Glove Shop in Vienna take place in pre-war Europe, especially in Vienna, Russia and England. The stories are all about love, but they are so different from each other that I couldn’t believe they came from the same author. However, there is something in each one that either breaks one’s heart or gives hope. I especially do not want to forget the places where the stories take place. Many are full of Christmas joy and snow, and others are sure to have memorable things.

However, I thought some stories would have been better if not in this book. Among all the good ones, some spoiled my reading pleasure so much that I didn’t want to continue reading. The book wandered around the house for a while because I had to take a lot of breaks. When it was over, I saw that my loved ones and dislikes were almost equal. Will I reread Ibbotson? I do not think so. But still, reading stories about winter on London nights was a joy for me. It hardly snows here, and I miss it a lot! Enjoy!

A Glove Shop in Vienna -  Eva Ibbotson

A Glove Shop in Vienna

A collection of eighteen romantic short stories from the award-winning and much-loved Eva Ibbotson, A Glove Shop in Vienna will show you the great passions and astute observations of everyday life. Join Great-Uncle Max, torn between his grand and secret love for Susie, the enchanting glove shop assistant, and the devotion of his opera-singing wife. Meet Miss Bennett, drama mistress at the fading Markham Street Primary School, whose search for a baby Jesus for the nativity play yields unexpected and miraculous results. And agonise with Kira, a dancer in Russia’s Imperial Ballet school, thrown out onto the streets of St. Petersburg, and found by Edwin, a lonely dreamer.

A chocolate-box collection of deliciously romantic, atmospheric and witty stories to lose yourself in this Christmas.

Eva Ibbotson

Eva Maria Charlotte Michelle Ibbotson, was an Austrian-born British novelist, known for her children’s books. Some of her novels for adults have been successfully reissued for the young adult market in recent years.

Reading this book contributed to these challenges: 

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