A Sentimental Journey – Laurence Sterne

A Sentimental Journey is Laurence Sterne’s second and sadly last book. It is not difficult to see why his first book, The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman, has been read by so many people. Even though I haven’t read this first book, A Sentimental Journey was enough for me to warm up to the author immediately.


A Sentimental Journey

The hero and narrator of the book, Yorick, goes on a journey to France and Italy. But as the name suggests, it is a sentimental journey. So we get to read what Yorick has experienced and felt rather than his travels. Yorick immediately gained my sympathy with his big words and various interesting habits. After sympathising with Yorick, I found myself reading the book with lots of smiles. I also read some of the sentences over and over again.

Laurence Sterne will make you think about such things in this little book that you will enjoy literature again. The book is full of great sentences that will make you think! I hope you’ll read it as soon as possible. Enjoy!

A Sentimental Journey - Laurence Sterne

A Sentimental Journey

When Yorick, the roving narrator of Sterne’s innovative final novel, sets off for France on a whim, he produces no ordinary travelogue. Jolting along in his coach from Calais, through Paris, and on towards the Italian border. The amiable parson is blithely unconcerned by famous views or monuments. But he engages us with tales of his encounters with all manner of people.

From counts and noblewomen to beggars and chambermaids. And as drama piles upon drama, anecdote, flirtation and digression. Yorick’s destination takes second place to an exhilarating voyage of emotional and erotic exploration. Interweaving sharp wit with warm humour and irony with genuine feeling. A Sentimental Journey paints a captivating picture of an Englishman’s adventures abroad.

Laurence Sterne

Laurence Sterne was an Anglo-Irish novelist and an Anglican clergyman. He wrote the novels The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman and A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy. And also published many sermons, wrote memoirs, and was involved in local politics.

Reading this book contributed to these challenges: 

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