Annie John – Jamaica Kincaid

Annie John is the first book I read from the Antigua and Barbuda author Jamaica Kincaid. And, I will remember Kincaid as the first author I read from this country. I think I couldn’t make a better choice. Kincaid exquisitely describes the loss of childhood and innocence in this book.


Annie John, which takes place in Antigua and Barbuda, tells the story of a young girl growing up. It is also about colonialism, colonial education, and life in the country. We read about things entirely through the eyes of Annie John and so her emotional filter.

Annie John - Jamaica Kincaid

As Annie grows older, that beautiful world in which she lives begins to change slowly. She is a young girl now, and she has to act accordingly. However, as any child would do in her age, Annie rebels. But still, she misses her mother most in the middle of all this change. Deep down, she knows the relationship between them won’t be the same anymore.

If you are going to read an author from Antigua and Barbuda for the first time, do not look for another name. Jamaica Kincaid is an excellent author. Enjoy!

Annie John - Jamaica Kincaid

Annie John

The island of Antigua is a magical place: growing up there should be a sojourn in paradise for young Annie John. But, as in the basket of green figs carried on her mother’s head, there is a snake hidden somewhere within.

Annie John begins by adoring her beautiful mother, but inexplicably she comes to hate her. Adolescence takes this brilliant, headstrong girl into open rebellions and secret discoveries – and finally to a crisis of emotions that wrenches her away from her island home.

Jamaica Kincaid

Jamaica Kincaid is an Antiguan-American novelist, essayist, gardener, and gardening writer. She was born in St. John’s, Antigua. She lives in North Bennington, Vermont, during the summers, and is Professor of African and African American Studies in Residence at Harvard University during the academic year.

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