Aylin – Ayse Kulin

Aylin is the first book I’ve read from Ayse Kulin, and I read it with great pleasure. I remember very well how popular it was at the time, and I was a child back then. We devote our two-person book club to Turkish authors with my teacher from the university. Because we did not read a lot from Turkish literature even though we are both Turkish. We both did not read Kulin, so decided to read her most famous book, and I’m so glad we did. Aylin was a memorable person.


Aylin - Ayse Kulin

The book begins with the incredible death of Aylin Radomisli Cates. Then we read about Aylin’s rather extraordinary life. Frankly, the book surprised me cause I finished it in a few hours. For a long time, I had not read a book that nailed me to my chair. Aylin, who the author loved very much, turned into a woman I wanted to learn more about, real quick.

With her endless energy and love, Aylin is an exciting person who has managed to rise in every field she wants and has gained the appreciation of so many people. Aylin was a well-known psychiatrist in New York, as well as a lieutenant colonel to head the psychiatric service for the American Army. She married a prince, a famous Hollywood producer, a psychologist as well as a psychics teacher. She was a step-mom, and she had dogs and a horse.

What makes her life so exciting is that she couldn’t settle for anything or anyone. You can find yourself in Aylin if you are a person who cannot tolerate boredom, who gets what she wants eventually and who has an endless love.

The book takes place in Turkey, France, Switzerland and the United States. Aylin will drag you from country to country and from a spouse to the other. You will love it. Enjoy!

Aylin - Ayse Kulin


Aylin’s body was found in her garden, her hair immaculately styled as usual. Her death came as a shock—after all, who would have wanted someone so admired and talented dead? Who—among the many she’d helped, the few she’d hurt, and all those she’d left behind—might have been driven to murder?

In the course of Aylin’s life, she had been many things: a skinny little girl, a young woman blossoming into a beauty, a princess married to a controlling Libyan prince, a broke medical student determined to succeed. She’d been a seductress, a teacher, a renowned psychiatrist, and a Turkish immigrant remarkably at home as an officer in the US Army. Through it all, she’d loved, been in love, and pursued truth without surrender. Whatever role she’d found herself in, she’d so committed to it fully and lived it with her heart, mind, and soul.

From internationally bestselling Turkish author Ayşe Kulin comes Aylin, so the story of one woman’s life as she makes her passionate way toward a strange, sudden end.

Ayse Kulin

One of Turkey’s most popular authors, with more than ten million copies of her books, Ayse Kulin captivates stories about human endurance.

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