Be More Keanu – James King

Be More Keanu is an amazing book for all the fans of Keanu Reeves out there. And, yes, I am a huge fan. But you should know, this book is not a biography or a memoir; it is a book full of wisdom from Mr Reeves and his movies.


Be More Keanu - James King

This is a fun self-help book which you can read in an hour. Under the chapters Keanu the Guru, Gentleman, Fighter, Friend, Rockstar, Comedian, Lover and Pioneer, you’ll read about various topics. While you’ll admire ‘The One’, you’ll also find helpful little tricks for a more meaningful life. Let us all #bemorekeanu, enjoy little things and live life to the fullest. Enjoy!

I don’t want to be part of a world where kindness is a weakness.

Keanu Reeves
be more keanu

Be More Keanu

Keanu Reeves: actor, musician, dog lover. He’s the internet’s boyfriend. The poetic petrolhead. The guru on a surfboard. Part samurai, part samaritan. He is, very simply, ‘The One’.

‘James has been my movie guru for years and now he’s my spiritual guru too! From now on I’m going to ask myself: ‘What would Keanu do?
Jo Whiley

In this hilarious book of pocket philosophy, film critic and Keanu fan James King reveals what makes Mr Reeves so special. He unpacks iconic films from the Bill & Teds to the John Wicks, as well as the star’s so own free-spirited life, showing us why the great man with the great hair has all the answers.

And how everyone can #bemorekeanu.

‘A handsome, cool, enigmatic Gen X’er who never seems to age, James King is the perfect man to write about Keanu Reeves.
Stephen Merchant

James King

James King is a writer, broadcaster and so film critic whose book about 1980s teen Hollywood, Fast Times & Excellent Adventures, was published in the UK and so US in 2018. He is the resident movie reviewer on BBC Radio 2, having spent many years in the same position at Radio 1 (where he made documentaries on, among other things, The Matrix). He has met and interviewed Keanu Reeves on several occasions: twice in London, once in Berlin and once at the Cannes Film Festival.

Reading this book contributed to these challenges: 

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