Belle De Jour – Joseph Kessel

Belle De Jour is a book adapted by the famous director Luis Buñuel into a film with the same name. Although the film immediately comes to mind when talking about Belle de Jour, this cult book is behind all the hype. After reading the book, you will understand why it has not lost its popularity for years.


Belle De Jour - Joseph Kessel

Belle De Jour was criticised when it was first published, and it still makes people react. On the one hand, one clearly understands why the book draws so many reactions. We are afraid. Writing such things, reading them here and there in book form frightens some. The only reason for their fear is, of course, that they feel close to Severine, they feel like her. Because this is the case, it has been read for years and will continue to be read for years. I would recommend this to everyone. Enjoy!

Belle De Jour - Joseph Kessel

Belle De Jour

The startling and groundbreaking novel that inspired Luis Buñuel’s film by the same name is finally available once more. In a world that blurs the lines between feminism and female sexuality, it remains as vital and controversial today as it was in its 1960 debut.

Severine Serizy is a wealthy and beautiful Parisian housewife. She loves her husband, but she cannot share physical intimacy with him, and her vivid sadomasochistic fantasies drive her to seek employment at a brothel. By day, she enacts her customers’ wildest fantasies under the pseudonym “Belle de Jour”; in the evenings, she returns home to her chaste marriage and oblivious husband. Famous for its unflinching eroticism, Joseph Kessel’s novel continues to offer an eye-opening glance into a unique female psyche.

Joseph Kessel

Joseph Kessel, also known as ‘Jef’ was a French journalist and novelist. He was a member of the Académie française and Grand officer of the Legion of Honour.

Reading this book contributed to these challenges: 

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