Benice is a children’s book written by Metin Karayaka and it features the very talented artist Rohan Daniel Eason’s illustrations. I found this book by mere coincidence and couldn’t left it unread. Although the author is Turkish, he wrote this book in English and the story is about pirates in Yalova! (A small city in Turkey.) This is very interesting if you ask me because pirate stories are not that popular in Turkey.

Benice - Metin Karayaka

On the other hand, I also think there is nothing like reading a children’s book at home while the wind is blowing outside. Do you read children’s books occasionally? If you don’t, you should make a habit of it. Believe me, they can make you happy in ways you couldn’t imagine.

Turkish pirates, universal characters

Benice is a book that I think all children between the ages of 10 and 14 will enjoy reading. This is a tale of friendship and love. But this doesn’t mean that it lacks adventures! This is a proper pirate story with a twist. I never thought any Turkish writer would ever write such a pirate story. I think this is a fun book to read with loveable and charming characters. Would make a nice present for children!

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About the book: Benice

You can’t ask for true friendship, because it’s not something anyone can just give. It grows over time. You share experiences, you play together, you help each other through the hard times. Then, one day, you’re looking back on those memories and you realize you have it, and that you wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Levend is just twelve when he meets Mr Ben Ice, a gruff fisherman whose peg leg, eyepatch and hook hand all but prove a lifetime of piracy. But life in Yalova is hard, and if this intimidating figure can help Levend support his family, then he’ll gladly accompany him on the fishing trip of a lifetime – even if it’s packed with more danger, adventure and friendship than either of them could ever have expected.

As Levend discovers more and more about his would-be captain, he becomes embroiled in a dangerous pirate feud, a hunt for sunken treasure, and the chance to forge friendships that will last a lifetime – even if that only means the next few minutes. Confronted by timeless love and shocking betrayal, Levend must decide who he can trust and who’ll make him walk the plank.

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Benice - Metin Karayaka

Reading this book contributed to these challenges: 

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