Cathedral – Raymond Carver

Cathedral is the second book I read by Raymond Carver, whom I admired when I read What We Talk About When We Talk About Love. I thought after this book that I had to read every book by the author. Carver is a great author. His stories are so powerful and real that you become addicted to him.


Cathedral - Raymond Carver

Every story in the Cathedral fascinated me. I think this is huge, considering that I am quite picky about stories. I feel like I’ll read all of his books and became a huge fan. This author and his stories have a very unusual effect on people. They often make me feel like I am in a quiet chalet. Could such a thing be possible? How can I feel like in a chalet while reading Carver’s stories while hearing the city’s horrible noise outside? I can even smell the firewood burning in the fireplace.

Well, I think this is the power of literature. Raymond Carver is an author who takes me to places I haven’t been and makes me feel what I haven’t felt for a long time. I hope it leaves the same effect on you. Enjoy!

Cathedral - Raymond Carver


It was morning in America when Raymond Carver’s Cathedral came out in 1983, but the characters in this dry collection of short stories from the forgotten corners of land of opportunity didn’t receive much sunlight. Nothing much happens to the subjects of Carver’s fiction, which is precisely why they are so harrowing: nothingness is a daunting presence to overcome. And rarely do they prevail, but the loneliness and quiet struggle the characters endure provide fertile ground for literary triumph, particularly in the hands of Carver, who was perhaps in his best form with this effort.

Raymond Carver

Raymond Clevie Carver Jr. was an American short story writer and poet. He is considered to be amongst America’s greatest writers.

Reading this book contributed to these challenges: 

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