Da Vinci’s Kitchen: A Secret History of Italian Cuisine

Da Vinci’s Kitchen: A Secret History of Italian Cuisine is a fascinating book. It is evident from every line that Dave DeWitt wrote it with great curiosity and passion. If you enjoy reading books about Leonardo da Vinci, I am sure you will enjoy this book too. However, suppose you are interested in food and food history in general. In that case, if you love Italian cuisine and want to look at history from a different perspective, you will love this.


Da Vinci's Kitchen

In Da Vinci’s Kitchen, you will come across much exciting information. From the poem written for the pasta to Leonardo da Vinci’s salad dressing. And so you will start to think much more differently about food. The events affecting the cuisine culture of a country will fascinate you. It is also fun reading about a variety of recipes form the palaces of Italy. And also the meals of the people. This book is interesting from the very first page to the end. Enjoy!

Da Vinci's Kitchen A Secret History of Italian Cuisine

Da Vinci’s Kitchen: A Secret History of Italian Cuisine

Part history, part biography, and part cookbook, this fascinating exploration of an as-yet unexamined facet of Leonardo da Vinci’s life focuses on what and how he ate. Da Vinci lived to be 67–nearly twice the average life span at the time–and his longevity may well have been due to his diet, which is reconstructed here complete with his notes on ingredients, portions, cooking, drinking, and kitchen inventions. The great artist, scientist, and inventor was no slouch in the kitchen, having worked as a kind of theatrical caterer, producing feasts with extravagant menus for royalty. This book unlocks his cooking code and the food history of his day, bringing 30 recipes up to date, including da Vinci’s own salad dressing and an exotic saffron risotto with duck and mushrooms fit for a Medici.

Dave DeWitt

Dave DeWitt is a food historian. And one of the foremost authorities in the world on chile peppers, spices, and so spicy foods. He has published more than fifty books. Including Precious Cargo: How Foods from the Americas Changed the World, which won the IACP Award for Best Culinary History.

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