Gut – Giulia Enders

Gut, The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ is one of the books for anyone interested in their gut health. If you do not know much about the gut and are looking for a simple book on the subject, look no more. The young German scientist Enders has come up with a very readable and informative book although for every reader put there.


Gut - Giulia Enders

This book contains a lot of information about our digestive system and our intestines. Of course, it also gives various information and small tips that will help us. Everyone who is generally concerned about their health already knows that the gut is our second brain. Okay, but how do we feed this second brain and make it work better? Are we aware that bacteria produce hormones that affect our mood? We indeed are what we eat!

And of course, there is a question of probiotics and antibiotics. The more probiotics we eat, the healthier we are. So what are these probiotic foods? (Pickles without vinegar (!) and homemade yoghurt can be an example.) It’s that simple. Oh, and the fewer antibiotics we use, the better for our microbiome. Enjoy!

Gut - Giulia Enders

Gut, The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ

In this New York Times bestseller, scientist Giulia Enders reveals the secrets of your digestive system–including new research on the connection between your gut and your brain.

For too long, the gut has been the body’s most ignored and least appreciated organ. But it does more than just dirty work; it’s at the core of who we are.

With quirky charm, science star and medical doctor Giulia Enders explains the gut’s magic, answering questions like: Why does acid reflux happen? What’s really up with gluten and lactose intolerance? How does the gut affect obesity and mood? In this revised edition of her beloved bestseller, Enders includes a new section on the brain-gut connection, and so dives into ground-breaking discoveries of psychobiotics–microbes with psychological effects that can influence mental health conditions like depression and even stress.

At long last, so this beguiling book will make you finally listen to those butterflies in your stomach: they’re trying to tell you something important.

Giulia Enders

Giulia Enders is a German writer and scientist whose first book Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ, has sold more than two million copies in Germany and that was published in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic and other translations in 2015.

Reading this book contributed to these challenges: 

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