Homo Faber – Max Frisch

Homo Faber is one of the most popular books by Swiss author Max Frisch. It is beyond doubt that it is beautiful with everything from its name to its subject. It will be a novel that will surprise you with its unexpected end and will be in your mind with the character Walter Faber.


Homo Faber - Max Frisch

Homo Faber describes how coincidences can drag a “technical man” into unlikely places. While I was following what happened, I felt as if I was watching Walter Faber through a foggy glass. Max Frisch seems to put a particular barrier between Faber and the reader. It does not allow you to get to know him after a certain point. Even if you don’t know Faber a lot, it doesn’t matter as you are caught up in coincidences. Although you can guess what will happen, I can say that you will be surprised despite everything. It is one of those interesting books, and if you want to read a Swiss author, he may be an excellent choice. If you like the blurb, don’t miss it. Enjoy!

Homo Faber

Homo Faber

The novel tells the story of a middle-class UNESCO engineer called Walter Faber, who believes in rational, calculated world. Strange events undermine his security – an emergency landing in a Mexican desert against all odds, his friend Joachim hangs himself in the Mexican jungle, and he falls in love with a woman who dies of a concussion, he has an incestuous affair. Finally, Faber becomes ill with stomach cancer, but it is too late for him to change his life.

Max Frisch

Max Rudolf Frisch was a Swiss playwright and novelist. Frisch’s works focused on problems of identity, individuality, responsibility, morality, and political commitment. The use of irony is a significant feature of his post-war output. Frisch was one of the founders of Gruppe Olten.

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