How Oscar Became Wilde? – Elliot Engel

In How Oscar Became Wilde? Elliot Engel talks about the great names of British and American literature. It is so exquisite that you’ll find yourself wanting to read more about the authors you’ve meant to read but didn’t. In addition to what you will learn about the authors, you will be able to dive into his sea of knowledge and be extremely happy. I wish all the nonfiction books were as fun as Elliot Engel’s!


How Oscar Became Wilde? - Elliot Engel

How Oscar Became Wilde? contains nineteen reviews of authors and poets. These reviews include the time and place the artists were born, financial situation, their love life (if any), and especially their families. However, it also offers small information that you will enjoy learning. To give a few examples:

  • If we have to choose between the two, why should we read Charlotte Bronte, not Emily Bronte?
  • Why does the Box office (ticket office) have such a name? What do the boxes have to do with the tickets?
  • Who is the author who changed the life of Edgar Allen Poe?
  • How many words did Shakespeare bring to the English language?
  • Who is the author who can sell the same book to readers three times?
  • Do you know about the link between Mark Twain and Comet Halley?
  • Which famous author is the subject of ridicule because he was into spiritualism?
  • What similarity can there be between Hemingway and Jane Austen?

After reading this book, you will want to read more books, and you will look at what you read with different eyes. Most importantly, I guess How Oscar Became Wilde? will be a book that you will want to read over and over again. If you are looking for a book to read, go now and buy this book. Afterwards, the number of books you will want to read will increase. Enjoy!

How Oscar Became Wilde? - Elliot Engel

How Oscar Became Wilde?

They are the icons of the literary world whose soaring works have been discussed and analysed in countless classrooms, homes and pubs. Yet for most readers, the living, breathing human beings behind the classics have remained unknown… until now!

These concise and readable biographical profiles, anecdotes and behind-the-scenes tales will reveal why Sir Arthur Conan Doyle blamed his wife’s death on Sherlock Holmes, how Charles Dickens’s pet launched Edgar Allan Poe on his way to literary immortality and the strange connection between Jane Austen and Ernest Hemingway. Chaucer, the Brontes, Wilde, Hardy and Lawrence, you’ll never look at these literary giants in the same way again.

Elliot Engel

Elliot Engel is an American author, writer, scholar, and lecturer.

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