Infinity in the Palm of Her Hand – Gioconda Belli

Infinity in the Palm of Her Hand is the first book I read from Nicaraguan author Gioconda Belli, and it was a good read! This is a novel of Adam and Eve. It is about what these two did after they were expelled from heaven. I approached the book with sympathy because it made me wonder about a topic that was not interesting to me. I’m so glad I have read it, it was an exciting escapist novel.


Infinity in the Palm of Her Hand - Gioconda Belli

Reading the experiences of Adam and Eve while exploring the earth felt interestingly good as I’m spending my days at home. With them, I rediscovered the rain, hunger, fullness, heat, cold and pain. I fell in love with my husband again and got angry at him still. And Belli managed to amaze me by her Eve character. I felt like she was caring for her a lot. And the “familiar” dynamics of the relationship between Eve and Adam was impressing.

In summary, Infinity in the Palm of Her Hand managed to surprise me with its unexpected end and made me think a lot about creation. To avoid spoilers, I will not tell you what happened in the end, but I am sure that it will offer a pleasant perspective for every reader. Enjoy!

Infinity in the Palm of Her Hand - Gioconda Belli

Infinity in the Palm of Her Hand

Prepare to enter a fascinating, primitive universe that goes back to the very beginning, to the story upon which Western civilization is based. Poetry and mystery go hand in hand in this transcendent novel about mankind, as never before imagined. Join Adam and Eve as they discover the world for themselves, feel their confusion and panic when they face punishment, and observe in awe as they experience the power to give life and, so eventually, the ability to take it away to survive.

From internationally acclaimed poet and author Gioconda Belli comes a beguiling and soulfully rewarding novel–a parable that captures our own time and our own uncertain future.

Gioconda Belli

Gioconda Belli is a Nicaraguan author, novelist and poet.

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