Last Night in Montreal – Emily St. John Mandel

Last Night in Montreal was a book I’ve found late at night while browsing for writers I’ve never read before. When I saw Emily St. John Mandel’s name, it immediately caught my attention. So I read a few pages and decided that it would be good for me to read a woman author from Canada. And I’m happy I did. This is an excellent debut novel.


Last Night in Montreal - Emily St. John Mandel

Emily St. John Mandel is not only an inspiring author but also she will manage to surprise you throughout the book. And with this book, she will make you think hard about life. Oh, in addition to her great characters, there’s a delightful love story as well.

The main character, Lilia, has to move from place to place however she doesn’t remember why. If you are in a way like her, you’ll devour this book. Enjoy!

About the book: Last Night in Montreal

From the New York Times bestselling author of Station Eleven  

Lilia has been leaving people behind her entire life. Haunted by her inability to remember her early childhood, and by a mysterious shadow that seems to dog her wherever she goes, Lilia moves restlessly from city to city, abandoning lovers and friends along the way. But then she meets Eli, and he’s not ready to let her go, not without a fight.  
Gorgeously written, charged with tension and foreboding, Emily St. John Mandel’s Last Night in Montreal is the story of a life spent at the centre of a criminal investigation. It is a novel about identity, love and amnesia, the depths and limits of family bonds and – ultimately – about the nature of obsession. 


About the author: Emily St. John Mandel

Emily St. John Mandel was born and raised on Denman Island off the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. She left school at 18 to study contemporary dance at The School of Toronto Dance Theatre and lived briefly in Montreal before relocating to New York City.

Last Night in Montreal - Emily St. John Mandel

Reading this book contributed to these challenges: 

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