Leonardo Portrait of a Master – Bruno Nardini

I read Leonardo Portrait of a Master out of curiosity. Leonardo da Vinci is actually one of the great artists that my husband admires rather than me. I was only interested in his paintings until this time. When I thought that I was unfair to myself by not wondering enough about this big name, I decided to take a closer look at his life. However, this was not so easy. Leonardo da Vinci is a genius who left little about himself. One thinks that Leonardo da Vinci especially protected his life, especially after reading the lives of Van Gogh and Michelangelo. Reading Leonardo Portrait of a Master proved it.


Leonardo Portrait of a Master - Bruno Nardini

That’s why Bruno Nardini is having a hard time in Leonardo Portrait of a Master. Since this great artist did not leave us much about himself, you will read Italy of his time rather than personal information. This has always been a delightful thing for me. So what do we learn about Leonardo da Vinci?

In Leonardo Portrait of a Master, you will get detailed information about whom he worked with, why, when and under which conditions, and you will read some pleasant things about him even though it is only hearsay. You will read and be amazed how a curious and successful person in everything he learned has seen the future. Maybe you can even find the answer to what an artist is because Leonardo da Vinci was indeed an unprecedented person. Leonardo Portrait of a Master is a good book if you like da Vinci. Enjoy!

Leonardo Portrait of a Master - Bruno Nardini

Leonardo Portrait of a Master

Leonardo Portrait of a Master: This is a first class study of the life and times of an incomparable genius. Leonardo da Vinci is, undeniably, one of the most famous men in the history of the world – architect and sculptor, painter and engineer, writer and student of anatomy – his was a genius such as the world may never know again. Yet little is known about his personal life – even to his contemporaries, Leonardo was considered a mystery.

Magnificently illustrated, this volume offers readers an unparalleled reconstruction of Da Vinci’s life and times based only on what is considered by scholars to be reliable information – much of it drawn from the “National Edition of the Manuscripts and Drawings of Leonardo da Vinci”, the Italian collection of all da Vinci’s drawings and codices which Giunti was entrusted with editing and reproducing by Decree of the Republic of Italy from 1964 onwards. Leonardo Portrait of a Master offer excellent illustrations of the master and everyone will enjoy reading about his work.

Bruno Nardini

Bruno Nardini, born in 1921 in Scarperia in today’s metropolitan city of Florence, from an early age he worked in the publishing sector in Florence, Milan, Verona and as a manager of Mondadori. In 1970 he founded the publishing house “International Book Center”, which then took the name of ” Nardini Editore “, with a production of art volumes and medieval texts. He made his debut in literature with the novel Variations of the blood, published in 1950 by Vallecchi.

Two years later, again with Vallecchi, the first volume of verses came out: La terra di Nod. His poetry, which has an autobiographical religious inspiration or biblical meditation, is characterized by an “intense and painful breath” that can become a “declaimed outpouring”.

In his essay production we find texts dedicated to some of the great figures of Renaissance Tuscany: Encounter with Michelangelo (1972), Life of Leonardo (1974) and volumes on esoteric subjects: Mysteries and secret doctrines(1976). He is also the author of several transcriptions and interpretations of Leonardo’s notes. He died in Florence, at the age of sixty-nine, in 1990.

Reading this book contributed to these challenges: 

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