Michelangelo Biography of a Genius – Bruno Nardini

Michelangelo is one of the artists I have admired since I read Irving Stone’s The Agony and the Ecstasy. I don’t know about you, but I want to love an artist as much as I like his works. That’s why I try to find out how the artists whose works I admire are individuals as soon as possible. When it comes to Michelangelo, luckily, I came across some beautiful books. Michelangelo Biography of a Genius by Bruno Nardini was also a book I read and learned a lot.


Michelangelo Biography of a Genius - Bruno Nardini

In Michelangelo Biography of a Genius, you can read what happened at every stage of his life, from Michelangelo’s childhood to his death. Being one of the greatest names of his time, while adding a lot to the artist’s life, also deprived him of the things he loved very much. Sometimes this deprivation could make the artist cry. That was extremely hard for me to read. I couldn’t help myself but be very sorry for him.

You’ll embrace Michelangelo more as you read which works he made, when he worked for who, who he made enemies and who made friends with because this great artist is not only a “great artist” but also a person with a unique character. You’ll want to do something as you read his fondness for every branch of art; he is very inspiring. Bruno Nardini wrote a delightful book; Michelangelo Biography of a Genius is a joy to read. Enjoy it!

Michelangelo Biography of a Genius - Bruno Nardini

Michelangelo Biography of a Genius

Michelangelo Biography of a Genius: From the Florence of Lorenzo the Magnificent and Savonarola to the splendour of the papal Rome; the tormented life of a Renaissance genius.

Bruno Nardini

Born in 1921 in Scarperia in today’s metropolitan city of Florence, from an early age he worked in the publishing sector in Florence, Milan, Verona and as a manager of Mondadori. In 1970 he founded the publishing house “International Book Center”, which then took the name of ” Nardini Editore”, with a production of art volumes and medieval texts.

He made his debut in literature with the novel Variations of the blood, published in 1950 by Valsecchi. Two years later, again with Vallecchi, the first volume of verses came out: La terra di Nod. His poetry, which has an autobiographical religious inspiration or biblical meditation, is characterized by an “intense and painful breath” that can become a “declaimed outpouring”. In his essay production we find texts dedicated to some of the great figures of Renaissance Tuscany: Encounter with Michelangelo (1972), Life of Leonardo (1974) and volumes on esoteric subjects: Mysteries and secret doctrines(1976). He is also the author of several transcriptions and interpretations of Leonardo’s notes.

He died in Florence, at the age of sixty-nine, in 1990.

Reading this book contributed to these challenges: 

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