Molloy – Samuel Beckett

Samuel Beckett had always been that author I’m afraid to read other than his famous play Waiting for Godot. Molloy was one of the books that I constantly hear but did not dare read. Finally and fortunately I read it. It is unlike anything I’ve read before.


Molloy - Samuel Beckett

I decided to read Molloy because it is on the 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die list. This list will be a reading adventure that will take many years, and I’m reading great authors thanks to it. Anyways, Molloy proved me right; Beckett is not your average author; he is something else. Molloy (both book and the character) felt like an entirely different world. This interesting character that Beckett created will tire you a lot. You won’t be able to understand what is happening a lot of the time but will continue to read nonetheless. Because you’ll want to know and because you’ll care.

Beckett’s writing, the use of words will amaze you. You will continuously appreciate his difference and genius. Samuel Beckett will immediately show you that he is not an author you come across every day. You will either love him or admire his difference. Enjoy!

Molloy - Samuel Beckett


Molloy is Samuel Beckett’s best-known novel, and his first published work to be written in French, ushering in a period of concentrated creativity in the late 1940s which included the companion novels Malone Dies and The Unnamable. The narrative of Molloy, old and ill, remembering and forgetting, scarcely human, begets a parallel tale of the spinsterish Moran, a private detective sent in search of him, whose own deterioration during the quest joins in with the catalogue of Molloy’s woes. Molloy brings a world into existence with finicking certainties, at the tip of whoever is holding the pencil, and trades larger uncertainties with the reader.

Then I went back into the house and wrote, It is midnight. The rain is beating on the windows. It was not midnight. It was not raining.

Samuel Beckett

Samuel Barclay Beckett was an Irish novelist, playwright, short story writer, theatre director, poet, and literary translator. A resident of Paris for most of his adult life, he wrote in both French and English

Reading this book contributed to these challenges: 

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