Mood Indigo – Boris Vian

I’m in a book club in which everyone has different tastes. Every two weeks, we talk about the books we have previously decided and read. Last week we gathered to discuss Boris Vian’s Mood Indigo. Interestingly, everyone liked the book. Often someone does not like the book, but this one has affected everyone somehow.


Mood Indigo - Boris Vian

Boris Vian wrote Mood Indigo in two days. We think he was under the influence of several substances, and I think the book proves it. You’ll enter into an exciting world, think about pets, and surprised by diseases. I admire the architecture and the piano, which makes drinks in that strange world. This world, of course, is a background for the love to be told.

There’s plenty of notes in the book. Although it is fun to read information such as who Vian meant and why he doesn’t like them, it can be annoying if you don’t know who they are. Give this a try and watch the film later. Enjoy!

Mood Indigo - Boris Vian

Mood Indigo

The story is simple: Boy meets girl; boy marries girl; girl falls ill on their honeymoon with a water lily on the lung, which can only be treat by being surrounded by flowers; boy goes broke desperately trying to keep his true love alive.
First published in 1947, Mood Indigo perfectly captures the so feverishly creative, melancholy romance of mid-century Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Recently voted number ten on Le Monde’s list of the 100 Books of the Century (the top ten also included works by Camus, Proust, Kafka, Hemingway, and Steinbeck).
Boris Vian’s novel has been an icon of French literature for fifty years–the avant-garde. A populist masterpiece by one of twentieth-century Paris’s most intriguing cultural figures So a touchstone for generations of revolutionary young people, a jazz-fueled, science-fiction-infused, sexy, fantastical, nouveau-decadent tear-jerker that has charmed and so beguiled hundreds of thousands of readers around the world. With the help of Michel Gondry and Audrey Tautou, it is set to seduce many, so many more.

Boris Vian

Boris Vian was a French polymath: writer, poet, musician, singer, translator, critic, actor, inventor and engineer. So today he is remember primarily for his novels. Those published under the pseudonym Vernon Sullivan were bizarre parodies of criminal fiction, highly controversial at the time of their release.

Reading this book contributed to these challenges: 

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