Morning – Allan Jenkins

Morning, How To Make Time by Allan Jenkins can be summarized as a love letter to the early hours of the day. In addition to the journals he wrote at dawn, there are also small interviews with early risers like him. If you are a morning person, you can find a lot of yourself in this. If you’re one of the night birds, you can get some inspiration to get up early.


Morning - Allan Jenkins

Morning, I think, will be of interest to people who like reading journals because Jenkins wrote about his mornings like a diary. So if you’re looking for something different about morning, you might not like this book. I especially enjoyed reading the interviews with the early risers. It was delightful to read that almost all of them started the day with tea or coffee, but when I read that most of them immediately checked their phones and social media, I was a bit shocked. If I wake up at five in the morning, my phone would be the last thing I’d look at.

More time to read

I’ve always been a night person. But recently I like daylight and early morning hours. I’m very interested in the fact that many of the new people I have met up to six o’clock in the morning and finish all their work till lunch. After reading this book, I set my watches to an earlier hour. Even if I can’t get out of bed, at least I’ll have more time to read.

Are you a morning person or prefer the night? What time do you get up? Do you have any ritual?


About the book: Morning

‘This is my manifesto for morning.

There is an energy in the earlier hours, an awareness I enjoy. In today’s world we tend to wake as late as we can, timed to when we have to work. But we don’t need to chase the day.’;

In Morning, Allan Jenkins shows how getting up earlier even once a week or month can free us to be more imaginative, to maybe read, to walk, to write. He talks to other early risers such as Jamie Oliver and Samuel West, to poets and painters. We hear from a neuroscientist about sleep, a philosopher about dawn, a fisherman about light. Allan wakes early, he listens, he looks. He introduces us to a secret world.

This is a celebration of dawn and morning: the best time of day.

About the author: Allan Jenkins

Allan Jenkins is the award-winning editor of Observer Food Monthly. He was previously editor of the Observer Magazine, food and drink editor on the Independent newspaper and once lived in an experimental eco-community on Anglesey, growing organic food on the edge of the Irish Sea.

Morning - Allan Jenkins

Reading this book contributed to these challenges: 

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