Mouthful of Birds – Samanta Schweblin

Mouthful of Birds is an excellent book of short, unsettling, disturbing and highly thought-provoking stories. This book is my first read from Schweblin, but I’ll read her previous book Fever Drem as soon as I can. If it is as good as this one, she may be one of my favourite authors from now on.


Mouthful of Birds is one of those rare books that will impress every person who reads it. Whether you love it or not, this book will somehow enter your mind. You will never doubt that Samanta Schweblin is a good writer. Maybe you’ll run to buy her next book, or maybe you’ll want to take a break to get rid of the effects of the book. No matter what, you will understand that this legendary woman from Argentina will shake your world firmly.

Mouthful of Birds - Samanta Schweblin

Dark and eerie stories

I thought each of the stories came from a dark place. Some of them are openly violent, some of them are much worse. I had understood from the first story that the author would influence me a lot and I tried to create a distance. (I couldn’t, of course, the stories are much stronger than me.) Schweblin is a great writer who you don’t want to be friends with. I highly recommend her. After reading, do not forget to share the story that bothered you the most — mine is Underground.


About the book: Mouthful of Birds


The crunch of a bird’s wing.
Abandoned by the roadside, newlywed brides scream with rage as they are caught in the headlights of a passing car.
A cloud of butterflies, so beautiful it smothers.
Unearthly and unexpected, these stories burrow their way into your psyche with the feel of a sleepless night. Every shadow and bump in the dark takes on huge implications, leaving the pulse racing – blurring the line between the real and the strange. 

About the author: Samanta Schweblin

Samanta Schweblin is an Argentine Spanish language author, who has published three collections of short stories and a novel, besides having stories published in anthologies and magazines.

Mouthful of Birds Samanta Schweblin

Reading this book contributed to these challenges: 

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