My Favourite 2019 Books

I like to think about the books I’ve read at the end of each year, and I always choose five books that I like the most. And I thought it would be fun to share my favourite 2019 books with you. I’ve created two lists for both fiction and non-fiction. This year I read many non-fiction books and could not get enough of learning about new things. But of course, I have not forgotten how a good novel feels like.


Favourite 2019 Books

I want to mention that these books are the books I read in 2019, so if you are in search of the best books of 2019, you are in the wrong place. But take a look anyway, you may find something great.

Favourite 2019 Books – Fiction

1- The Eighth Life – Nino Haratischvili

The Eighth Life - Nino Haratischvili

“It’s hard not to admire the author’s genius. She weaves the story like a spider weaves its web. The characters you knew at the beginning will appear again when you’re about to forget them. It will feel like seeing an old friend after so many years. You will be amazed at how this book can communicate with you in these moments.”

2- Mouthful of Birds – Samanta Schweblin

Mouthful of Birds

“Mouthful of Birds is an excellent book of short, unsettling, disturbing and highly thought-provoking stories. This book is my first read from Schweblin, but I’ll read her previous book Fever Drem as soon as I can. If it is as good as this one, she may be one of my favourite authors from now on.”

3- Fugitive Pieces – Anne Michaels

Fugitive Pieces - Anne Michaels

“Fugitive Pieces is poet Anne Michaels’ first novel. It is the author’s most famous book and, it has won many awards and was translated into many languages. After reading it, I understood why it has won many awards and why it is still so popular. The author demonstrates in her book that a novel can be written without killing the poet inside.”

4- The Little House – Kyoko Nakajima

The Little House

“It is striking to read about the war from a housemaid’s perspective with all its nakedness. It is striking because there’s no politics, no ideas or ideals; there is just simple truth. But it’s not just a story about war. It is about Japan, the culture, families, relationships, companionships, love, propaganda and many more.”

5- The Virgin Suicides – Jeffrey Eugenides

The Virgin Suicides

“Eugenides is telling the tragic suicides of the five sisters through a great narrator. You will read about the drama of the Lisbon family, the feelings of young men who love these girls, how to be a young girl; and understand every one of these topics. The only thing you won’t understand will be the deaths of these young girls.”


Favourite 2019 Books – Non-Fiction

1- The Fate of Food – Amanda Little

The Fate of Food

“The Fate of Food reminded me of what I like in a nonfiction book. On each page, I wanted to learn more about the subject and do something useful. The notes I took filled a small notebook, and I created myself a really long reading list. This is one of those books that’ll make you a better person and this is amazing.”

2- A Woman in the Polar Night – Christiane Ritter

A Woman in the Polar Night - Christiane Ritter

“On the other hand, Christiane Ritter was a painter, so her descriptions of this strange landscape with its winds, snow, mountains, lights, animals, water, ice and ocean are beautiful and vivid. Her narrative will inspire you in so many ways. I know a lot of people who’d pack their bags to live in the Arctic after reading this. It is that powerful.”

3- The Way We Eat Now – Bee Wilson

The Way We Eat Now

“The Way We Eat Now is a delightful book written by British food writer, journalist and historian Bee Wilson. The book explains how our eating habits and how our relationship with food has changed over time. and will lead you to look at food with very different eyes.”

4- Tolkien: Maker of Middle-earth – Catherine McIlwaine

Tolkien Maker of Middle earth - Catherine McIlwaine.JPG Tolkien Maker of Middle-earth - Catherine McIlwaine

“This book contains Tolkien’s never-before-published photographs as well as various notes and maps of Middle-earth. The nine-part book begins from Tolkien’s childhood and tells an exquisite account of how Middle Earth emerged. Of course, in the meantime, we learn that Tolkien is much more than a professor and an author.”

5- Van Gogh’s Ear – Bernadette Murphy

Van Gogh's Ear - Bernadette Murphy

“Van Gogh’s Ear was the most comprehensive book I’ve ever read about Vincent Van Gogh. The book, the result of seven years of research by Bernadette Murphy, will completely change what you know about Van Gogh. As with all the works that are very well done, I can say that this book deserves all the praise it receives.”

Which books made it to your top five?

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