Not Doing, The Art of Turning Struggle into Ease – Diana Renner, Steven D’Souza

Not doing was a book I wanted to read right away after being fooled by the title The Art of Turning Struggle into Ease, and frankly, I was deceived. My only regret is that I didn’t read this book much sooner. If your life is flowing quickly out of your control and, unfortunately, you are always busy with something, this book will be perfect for you. I’m sure it will be suitable for all of us to learn to breathe a little first and then learn that speed is not such a big deal.


Not Doing, The Art of Turning Struggle into Ease

Not Doing, The Art of Turning Struggle into Ease is a book that understands how hard it is for all of us to adapt to the fast pace of the modern world and tries to find solutions to it. Most of us live in environments where we are tired, besieged by more than we can handle, and yet we can’t say no. Even when some of us are constantly doing something, we can’t keep up with anything. Afterwards, we find ourselves in a situation to lose both our physical and mental health. In some cases, it can be both. This book explains very clearly how “doing” is forced into our heads.

And, of course, the “not doing” situation. When it comes to not doing, of course, things like doing nothing come to mind, but when you read the book, you clearly understand what “not doing” means. Instead of dealing with control or effort; It is possible not to “do” with creativity, harmony and the state of being ourselves. We have witnessed several times that everything goes more smoothly when we do not do certain things. I don’t know about you, but I did, and after reading this book, I understand why. I recommend this book especially to employees, business owners and anyone who thinks they have a stressful life. Enjoy!

Not Doing, The Art of Turning Struggle into Ease

Not Doing, The Art of Turning Struggle into Ease

Not Doing: So many people today are struggling with the increasing pace of change and the constant and excessive busyness that comes with it. Many feel stretched, overwhelmed and exhausted, besieged by the demands of complex projects and workplaces. They are engaged in a kind of “doing” that is more effort and struggle, rather than a “doing” that comes from a place of presence, openness and aliveness.

This is not only ineffective and unsustainable, but ultimately ends in stress, anxiety and burnout.Not Doing, by the authors of the award-winning Not Knowing (Best Management Book of the Year), explores the limits and dangers of “doing”; how do they play out in our lives and workplaces; what is driving, or contributing, to our excessive activity; and what would a different kind of “doing” look like, that is less about control and struggle and more about well-being, harmony and creativity.

Diana Renner

Diana is a leadership facilitator, organisational consultant, author and keynote speaker. She brings together adaptive leadership, complexity theory and adult development to assist individuals to become better leaders and make a positive impact in the world. Diana is passionate about creating experiential learning opportunities where individuals focus on the dynamics of human behaviour and engage with real social and business issues, to learn how to make progress on complex adaptive challenges.

Over the years, her work has taken her into companies of all sizes, government and community organisations, leading capability development, culture change and transformation programs. She has extensive experience designing and facilitating leadership development programs within Australia and internationally.

Diana was a guest faculty member for ‘The Art and Practice of Leadership Development’ program at the Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government in 2013. Since 2013, she has been a faculty member for the ‘Transformative Leadership Program’ run by the University of Adelaide and the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, at the University of Texas.

Diana also designs and delivers executive leadership programs at the Melbourne Business School, Monash University, University of Adelaide and the Australian Institute of Police Management. In 2016, Diana co-founded the Uncharted Leadership Institute which focuses on helping individuals and organisations to become more effective and resilient in uncertainty and complexity.

Steven D’Souza

Steven D’Souza is Director of Programmes at the FT/IE Corporate Learning Alliance and co-author of the award winning, Not Knowing: The Art of Turning Uncertainty into Possibility (LID, 2014).

A globally recognized educator, adviser, author and speaker, he has taught at the Harvard Kennedy School and London Business School, among others, and spoken at events throughout the world from Shanghai to Sofia. He is an Executive Fellow at IE Business School and has taught on IE programs in partnership with Chicago Booth GSB and Brown University.

Based in London, D’Souza trained as a priest and then became vice president of an investment bank before he was 30. He is the author of Made in Britain (with Patrick Clarke); Brilliant Networking; and, most recently the bestselling, Not Knowing andNot Doing (with Diana Renner) which was the Chartered Management Institute’s Management and Leadership Book of the Year in 2014.

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