Old and Ugly – C L Moir

Old and Ugly is the first book of C L Moir and also the first book from Behind the Hat Press. To be honest, I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did, but after a few pages, I was hooked. I love when books surprise me!


Old and Ugly - C L Moir

This beautiful book is the story of a reunion. Old friends are meeting after 40 years and, no one knows what will happen. They are not young and beautiful girls anymore; they are old and ugly, especially Angie. Once the most beautiful woman in the world, Angie is now fat; she cannot even walk properly. But still, there is something charming about her. Even though she always talks about her glamorous past life, you can sense there is something wrong.

One cannot hide from the monsters with cashmere and authentic merino; the monsters of our pasts will always find a way to come back and hunt us. But friendship, old and dangerous secrets and lots of gin may help one to shoo the monsters.

Old and Ugly has good characters, a beautiful setting and a great ending. Enjoy!

Old and Ugly - C L Moir

Old and Ugly

In the 1973, teenagers Ange and Elizabeth are persuaded to enter the Miss Sladport-on-Sea Beauty Pageant by local entrepreneur, Spencer. When Ange is crowned the most beautiful woman in Sladport, Spencer promises her a life of fame and fortune – which he delivers. Within months, Ange is crowned The Most Beautiful Woman in the World.

Forty years later, Ange is unexpectedly invited to a reunion of old friends: Elizabeth – now married to Spencer – and the three school friends who stormed the pageant, throwing flour bombs and insults in protest at its objectification of women.

Old and Ugly is the story of that re-union – and the story of Ange’s life.

Hilarious and laughable, conceited and fearful,  feisty  and (some might say) a fool for the admiration of men, Ange must finally confront the truth about her fantastical life of glamour and good fortune to be freed from its secrets – and freed from the man who made her, then broke her.

Irreverent and moving, disturbing and joyful, you’ve probably never read anything quite like it…

C L Moir

CL Moir has been writing for over 20 years. She was born in Bristol and now lives in Herefordshire. Old and Ugly is her first novel.

Reading this book contributed to these challenges: 

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