On Heroes and Tombs – Ernesto Sabato

Ernesto Sabato is an Argentinian writer, painter and physicist who lived between 1911 and 2011. Throughout Latin America, he had a significant influence on the world of literature and received many awards. On Heroes and Tombs tells a lot about Sabato as a novelist. If you haven’t read him yet, you are missing a lot!


The first book I’ve read from Ernesto Sabato was Tunnel. I loved it and finished it in a snap. I was much younger then and I was enjoying the complexity of the world and getting lost in it. But now, I use literature as an escape from the real world. It gives me endless happiness to get lost amongst the lines. I cannot find an alternative other than a book to escape. As you all know, some writers are always ready to lead the way. Sabato surely is one of them. 

On Heroes and Tombs - Ernesto Sabato

On Heroes and Tombs is the second book from Sabato’s trilogy. The first book is Tunnel and the third is The Angel of Darkness. Although Sabato is a terrific writer and although I discovered myself repeatedly in his characters; I still don’t know if I like him or not. Because he stressed the hell out of me and I feel like I’m still searching for myself. Maybe I’m too weak, and over-affected by everything. I don’t know. Maybe Sabato won’t leave a trace on you. Believe me, I can’t be sure.

A novel within a novel

I won’t talk much about the book in order not to give any spoilers. I’m more interested in the effect of the books on the readers. The subject is forgotten somehow, but the feelings are always there. On Heroes and Tombs will be among the books you will never forget. Particularly the chapter “Report on the Blind” had an incredible impact on me. You’ll see that any comment made on this book already focuses on this section. Report on the Blind is a novel within the novel. And it is a brilliant one.

Those who are interested in world literature and the ones who want to bury their inner problems instead of expressing them will love this book. Don’t forget to read Tunnel first. It is incredible as well! 


About the book: On Heroes and Tombs

One June day in 1955 Alejandra, last of a noble yet decaying Argentinian dynasty, shoots her father, locks herself up with his body, and sets fire to them both. What caused this act of insanity? Does the answer lie with Martin, her troubled lover, Bruno, the writer who worshipped her mother, or with her father Fernando himself, demonic creator of the strange ‘Report on the Blind’? Their lives entwine in Ernesto Sabato’s dark epic of passion, philosophy and paranoia in Buenos Aires. 

About the author: Ernesto Sabato

The novelist and essayist Ernesto Sábato (born 1911) was one of Argentina’s most challenging 20th-century intellectuals, concerned with both surrealist and real interpretations of phenomena, in real and imagined life.

On Heroes and Tombs - Ernesto Sabato

Reading this book contributed to these challenges: 

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