Remarkable Plants That Shape Our World – Helen Bynum

Remarkable Plants That Shape Our World became a book that made me dream or do research on every single page. We know that plants are significant, but we don’t know exactly how they changed our world and humanity. This beautiful book, with its engaging and short narrative, will provide you with the information you need. You’ll be amazed at some of them, and you’ll be happy to know some of them already.


Remarkable Plants That Shape Our World - Helen Bynum, William Bynum

Remarkable Plants That Shape Our World tells the extraordinary story of the plant kingdom and so the story of humanity. In eight different chapters, the book explains why each of the plants is important with different themes and delightful anecdotes. The cultural, historical, botanical and symbolic features of each species are told with beautiful illustrations. As you will start to see that each plant is a different realm, you will look at the tiny flowers growing on the curb with different eyes. In brief, this book is one of the most beautiful books you should have in your library. Highly recommended.

About the book: Remarkable Plants That Shape Our World

Plants are truly remarkable: even with all our modern technological prowess they still feed, clothe and shelter us, help transport us and can intoxicate and cure us. Helen and William Bynum are expert guides to the rich histories, significance and uses of over 80 key plants in 69 entries, revealing our relationship with them, both utilitarian and aesthetic, and their multiple benefits and cultural associations. Organized thematically, eight sections cover all aspects of our interaction with plants. Starting with those crops that were fundamental to the development of cultures and civilizations, and those that enliven our diet beyond the basics, such as saffron and chilli peppers.

Other sections look at plants that have helped to create our material world. As well as those that are used medicinally or are revered and adored for symbolic reasons, including the tulip, the rose and the lotus. For anyone interested in the natural world and the extraordinary diversity of flora around us, this elegantly illustrated and covetable book, published in association with the Royal Botanic Garden, Kew, will be an inspiration and a delight.

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About the authors: wılliam and Helen Bynum

William and Helen Bynum are authors, speakers, reviewers, editors (and gardeners).
Currently fascinated by plants, disease and dis-ease.
We write together and separately about the science and medicine. Their histories and meanings, and why these things matter in our lives. 

Remarkable Plants That Shape Our World - Helen Bynum, William Bynum

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