River God – Wilbur Smith

River God is one of the best selling and therefore, one of the most popular books by Wilbur Smith. It is also the first book in the Ancient Egyptian series consisting of six books. Ever since I started reading Elizabeth Peters’ Amelia Peabody series, I wanted to read more novels about Ancient Egypt. I guess I couldn’t find any better than this series for the summer months.


British novelist Wilbur Smith is one of the most exciting authors I have ever read. I am not exaggerating if I say I love reading his life story more than his books. But among the sea, sand, sun and all the games played on the vacation, and the River God was a very gripping novel that I read in no time. If you enjoy Ancient Egypt and adventure, you will have no reason not to like this book.

River God

We are listening to Taita, an adorable and talented slave in many ways. The gods told the handsome young warrior Tanus that he would change Egypt’s future. However, the same gods forbade him all he ever wanted in life, the only love of his life, Lady Lostris. While Lady Lostris holds the future and continuity of the country, she will be able to overcome all the difficulties that life presents to her, with the help of her love for Tanus and her slave Taita.

As with every adventure book, I will say the same thing for this book; yes, it was immersive and great fun. I also admired the fact that it tells a real part of Ancient Egypt with a captivating story. In terms of literature, it was not very satisfying, as you can imagine. But I don’t care. The sand and playing cards between the pages were enough for me to enjoy it. I am already looking forward to reading the sequels. I suggest you too. Enjoy!

River God - Wilbur Smith

River God – Wilbur Smith

Fame and popularity breed envy in high places, and the adulation of the mob is fickle. They often take as much pleasure in tearing down the idols that they have grown tired of as they did in elevating them in the first place.
It is safer by far to live unseen and unremarked, as I always attempt to do.
An ancient kingdom. An incredible destiny.
Taita is a humble slave; an expert in art, poetry, medicine and engineering, as well as keeping important secrets. He is the most treasured possession of Lord Intef. Yet when Intef’s beautiful daughter Lostris is married to the Pharaoh, Taita is commanded to follow her, and swiftly finds himself deeper than he ever could have imagined in a world of deception and treachery. But outside the palace, the great kingdom of Egypt is divided, and in even greater danger. Enemies threaten on all sides, and only Taita holds the power to save them all…
The first book in the epic Egyptian Series.

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