The Distance Between Us – Renato Cisneros

The Distance Between Us is the first book I read from Peruvian author Renato Cisneros. This book, which has sold thousands only in Peru, is a family novel spread throughout Latin America. And I can’t tell you how different this family is.


The Distance Between Us - Renato Cisneros

It took me longer than I expected to read this book. I had to take a break from time to time and think about it. I repeatedly remembered how much I love my father and my family. In fact, it was not easy to read the situation that the author fell into as he encountered the ghosts of the past while investigating his own father. However, his language was so beautiful that I felt as if I was having a conversation with him.

The Distance Between Us tells the story of El Gaucho. I am sure that you will be impressed by listening to the son who reveals the unknown life of his father: a Peruvian army member and politician. How much do we know our family? This question will haunt you after reading this. Enjoy!

The Distance Between Us - Renato Cisneros

The Distance Between Us

This is a son s search for his father. A familiar theme, but one that, across the generations, can occasionally unearth something rather powerful. In The Distance Between Us that son is Renato Cisneros, a talented writer and a well-known journalist, and that father is the former Army General Luis Federico ‘El Gaucho’ Cisneros, one of the most important figures in the recent history of Peru.

Renato Cisneros digs into his own family history to understand and so demystify the figure of ‘El Gaucho’: the controversial Secretary during the regime of Francisco Morales Bermúdez and, shortly after, the country s Minister of War. In this book, the intimate perspective and the passage of time reveal so the unknown truths about a man, a family and an entire country.

Renato Cisneros

Renato Cisneros is a journalist and writer. He is the son of the politician Luis Cisneros Vizquerra. Cisneros studied at the University of Lima and also at the University of Miami. He began his literary career as a poet, publishing his first volume of verse titled Ritual de los prójimos in 1999.

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