The Djinn In The Nightingale’s Eye – A. S. Byatt

When was the last time you read a fairy story? Don’t count the movies, isn’t it a long time before we go back to our childhood? A. S. Byatt will be pleased to take your hand and take you to your childhood with The Djinn In The Nightingale’s Eye. You will remember how beautiful fairy tales are.


The Djinn In The Nightingale's Eye - A. S. Byatt

It was especially exciting for me to read the scenes from the story that gives its name to the book because the setting is the Ottoman Empire, Istanbul, and Ankara. In this story, Byatt shares her views on religion, metamorphosis, death, friendship, love, literature and many more. I think I liked this story the most in the book.

Other stories in the book also take people to different lands. You will follow a tailor, hear tiny footsteps, see your own struggle, see the struggle of people trying to survive, and find what you want in The Djinn In The Nightingale’s Eye. This is a must-read if you like A. S. Byatt. Enjoy!

The Djinn In The Nightingale's Eye - A. S. Byatt

The Djinn In The Nightingale’s Eye

A S Byatt’s fairy tales and fables are among the best-loved features of her fiction. Innumerable readers have asked for the two marvellous fairy tales in POSSESSION – ‘The Glass Coffin’ and ‘Gode’s Tale’ of the Breton Naie des Trepasses – to be published separately. Here they take their place with three other stories with medieval and oriental settings. The title story, ‘The Djinn and the Nightingale’s Eye’, a long story about an Englishwoman in Turkey who unwittingly releases a genie from his bottle, is a reflection on women’s lives, on magic and on the power of storytelling itself.

A. S. Byatt

Dame Antonia Susan Duffy DBE HonFBA, known professionally as A. S. Byatt, is an English novelist, poet and Booker Prize winner. In 2008, The Times newspaper named her on its list of the 50 greatest British writers since 1945.

Reading this book contributed to these challenges: 

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