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The Hemingway Cookbook is about Ernest Hemingway’s passion for eating and drinking and includes recipes for dishes the author likes to eat. While I thought Hemingway was a great writer, he was also a terrible husband. After all the books I’ve read about him, I started to look at the author with different eyes, but I guess it’s not hard to understand why so many amazing women were so in love with this fascinating man.


It must be hard not to love a man so passionately committed to living. Considering what he ate and drank, it seems pretty fun to spend time with him. After reading this book, I wanted to go back in time and share a meal with him.

The Hemingway Cookbook - Craig Boreth

The Hemingway Cookbook offers colourful reading, from food scenes in Ernest Hemingway’s books to the author’s favourite bars and restaurants. In the sections separated by the places where the author lived, there are recipes as well as information about with whom and when the meals were eaten.

Craig Boreth did not neglect to include what Hemingway ate but also what he drank. In addition to seeing how significant the effect of eating and drinking on Hemingway is, one sees that this effect is excellently reflected in his books. If you like Hemingway, I’m sure you’ll love this book too. In addition, the recipes are from a wide variety of countries, resulting in a rather eclectic cookbook. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys eating and drinking skillfully. Bon appetit!

The Hemingway Cookbook - Craig Boreth

The Hemingway Cookbook

Ernest Hemingway’s insatiable appetite for life was evident in his writing and was rivaled only by his voracious appetite for good food and drink. The Hemingway Cookbook collects more than 125 recipes from Hemingway’s life and art featuring such unique dishes as Dorado Fillet in Damn Good Sauce, Woodcock Flambé in Armagnac, Campfire Apple Pie, and Fillet of Lion washed down with Campari and Gordon’s Gin or a cool Cuba Libre.

The pages are enriched by family photos; dining passages from stories such as A Moveable FeastThe Old Man and the Sea, and A Farewell to Arms; his short stories; personal correspondence; and even a contribution from his last wife, Mary. Collecting recipes from former Hemingway haunts, period cookbooks, and other sources, this book is an authentic re-creation of the meals that so enriched Hemingway’s literature.

Craig Boreth

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Craig Boreth is the author of two hilarious self-help guides for men, as well as THE HEMINGWAY COOKBOOK (Chicago Review Press), a culinary biography of Ernest Hemingway including more than 120 recipes from the legendary writer’s life and work. Craig is the co-author of SEVEN STEPS TO SOLD by Donna and Shannon Freeman (Three Rivers Press). In addition to being a writer, Craig is also an interior designer and accomplished amateur chef.

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