The Illusion of Separateness – Simon Van Booy

The Illusion of Separateness is one of Simon Van Booy’s most loved books, which I have never heard of before. Before starting the book, I shortly examined the pages. Short chapters caught my eye, and I knew it was a novel. I had no idea what to expect from this book. After finishing it, I realised that these chapters contributed significantly to the reading experience. This is a different book in terms of its structure, and it’s an excellent experience.


The Illusion of Separateness

Short stories, which are connected to each other, are told in different chapters and turn into a massive story. While I was reading people’s stories, some sad and terrifying, I thought that I had no value in the vast universe, just a tiny piece of a grand plan. On the one hand, this gigantic life would never be the same without me. This is a book that will remind you how valuable you are as a human. I would even urge you to be prepared for more. You’ll love this book on so many levels; it’ll surprise you.

The Illusion of Separateness - Simon Van Booy

The Illusion of Separateness

In The Illusion of Separateness, award-winning author Simon Van Booy tells the haunting and luminous story. Of how one man’s act of mercy on a World War II battlefield changes the lives of six strangers across time and place. From wartime Britain and so Nazi-occupied France to modern-day Los Angeles. The characters of this gripping novel – inspired by true events – including a child on the brink of starvation. A blind museum curator looking for love, a German infantryman, and a humble caretaker at a retirement home in Santa Monica. Whether they are pursued by old age, shame, disease, or regret, these incandescent characters. Remain unaware of their connection until seemingly random acts of selflessness lift a veil to reveal the vital parts they play in each other’s lives.

Simon Van Booy

Simon Van Booy is an Anglo-American writer, currently living in the United States. His short story collection, Love Begins in Winter, won the 2009 Frank O’Connor International Short Story Award.

Reading this book contributed to these challenges: 

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