The Makioka Sisters – Junichiro Tanizaki

The Makioka Sisters is one of Junichiro Tanizaki’s books that I think every reader will read with great pleasure. You will be amazed by the translation and even the cover design. Most of all, you will be grateful for the hours you spent with that beautiful Makioka Family. I find myself praying for the literature gods for this excellent book. It is that good!


the makioka sisters

You know, some books draw you into such a world that in there you want to get lost, turning minutes into hours, hours into days. The characters are now a part of your daily life; you have been sleeping with them. You don’t even like the manners of some, and you can’t be angry with others no matter what. Sometimes you read slowly so that the book does not end; sometimes, you focus on some sentences over and over again. The Makioka Sisters is one of those books. It will allow you to enjoy the best of literature while teaching you about Japanese culture.

When it comes to books, sometimes we talk as if every book can get this close to us, but generally, that is not the case. There are, of course, many good books that one can read in a lifetime, but these are not always easy to find. That’s precisely why I am so glad I read a lot of books; I finally came across such a book. The Makioka Sisters will be a book that you will not forget for a long time and will not want to forget. You won’t get enough of exploring Junichiro Tanizaki, one of Japan’s most famous authors. Whatever you do, be sure to read this gem. Enjoy!

The Makioka Sisters - Junichiro Tanizaki

The Makioka Sisters

Tanizaki’s masterpiece is the story of four sisters, and the declining fortunes of a traditional Japanese family. It is a loving and nostalgic recreation of the sumptuous, intricate upper-class life of Osaka immediately before World War Two. With surgical precision, Tanizaki lays bare the sinews of pride, and brings a vanished era to vibrant life.

Junichiro Tanizaki

Jun’ichirō Tanizaki was one of the major writers of modern Japanese literature, and he is perhaps the most popular Japanese novelist after Natsume Sōseki. Some of his works present a shocking world of sexuality and destructive erotic obsessions.

Reading this book contributed to these challenges: 

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