The Moon Sister #5- Lucinda Riley

The Moon Sister is the fifth book in the Seven Sisters series by Lucinda Riley. In this book, we read the story of the much-loved sister named Tiggy. Since Tiggy is a bit more sympathetic and highly spiritual character than the other sisters, I thought I would love this book, but unfortunately, it turned out to be the opposite.


The Moon Sister takes place in Scotland and Spain. While we mostly read about Tiggy’s life in Scotland, we read about her family’s life in Spain. It was a pleasure to read about Tiggy’s relationship with animals and Scotland as a place. However, the author, unfortunately, turned Tiggy into a well-intentioned idiot when she tried to make her spiritual.

The Moon Sister - Lucinda Riley

In my opinion, it was just ridiculous that a bruja with such strong feelings could not immediately understand a character like Zed and could not make a decision on the subject despite what she heard from her sisters. On the other hand, the episodes about Tiggy’s family were so unnecessarily detailed that I got bored. In addition, the story of Tiggy’s parents is almost in one paragraph in the whole book; It would have been better if it really focused on the story of the mother and father instead of all the unnecessary details.

Still, it was quite enjoyable to read about the gipsies in Spain. Tiggy’s strengthening of her spiritual side, communication with relatives with special abilities like herself, and what she learned from them finally added something to Tiggy’s character. In the parts that took place in Scotland, I read with pleasure the sections on the protection of natural life and animals.

Although The Moon Sister is not my favourite book in the series, it has become one of my quickly read books. As we get closer to the end of the series, we slowly begin to see hints of what could happen. I hope everything connects very well. The next book tells the story of Electra, the most famous of the sisters, but whom we know almost nothing about except her viciousness. I hope it’s much better than that.

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The Moon Sister - Lucinda Riley

The Moon Sister

The Moon Sister: Tiggy Aplièse is doing the job she loves; working at a deer sanctuary up in the raw beauty of the highlands of Scotland. When the sanctuary has to close, she is offered a job on the vast and isolated Kinnaird estate as a wildlife consultant by the elusive and troubled Laird, Charlie Kinnaird, she has no idea that the move will not only irrevocably alter her future, but ironically, bring her into contact with her past.

She meets Chilly, an ancient gipsy, who has lived for years on the estate, having fled from Spain seventy years before. He tells her that not only does she possess a sixth sense, passed down from her gipsy ancestors, but it was foretold long ago that he would be the one to send her back home …

It is 1912 and, in the pitifully poor gipsy community that have been forced to make their homes for hundreds of years outside the city walls of Granada in the seven caves of Sacromonte, under the shadow of the magnificent Alhambra Palace, Lucía Amaya-Albaycin is born. Destined to be the greatest flamenco dancer of her generation, La Candela – as she is named, due to the inner flame that burns through her when she dances- is whisked away by her ambitious father at the tender age of ten to dance to his guitar in the flamenco bars of Barcelona.

Her mother, Maria, is devastated by the loss of her daughter, and as civil war threatens in Spain, tragedy strikes the rest of her family. Now in Madrid, Lucía and her troupe of dancers are forced to flee for their lives, their journey taking them far across the water to South America and eventually, to North America and New York itself – Lucía’s long-held dream. But to pursue it, she must choose between her passion for her career and the man she adores…

As Tiggy follows the trail back to her exotic but complex Spanish past, and – under the watchful eye of a gifted gypsy bruja – begins to accept and develop her own gift, she too must decide to whether to return to Kinnaird, and Charlie…

Lucinda Riley

Lucinda Riley is an Irish author of popular historical fiction and a former actress. She spent the first few years of her life in the village of Drumbeg near Belfast before moving to England. At age 14 she moved to London to a specialist drama and ballet school. The Seven Sisters series is her most popular books.

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