The Name of a Bullfighter – Luis Sepúlveda

The Name of a Bullfighter became the darkest book I have read from one of my favourite authors, Luis Sepúlveda. Although I have moved away from dark books, it is clear from every line in the book that Sepúlveda is an excellent author. I have read this book with pleasure, and in a very short time, I am sure you will complete it before you even enjoy it as much as you want.


The Name of a Bullfighter - Luis Sepúlveda

The Name of a Bullfighter tells the story of two different people in pursuit of the gold coin collection stolen from the Nazis. Of course, Sepúlveda feeds this story with people from different geographies. Reading post-war events in Europe and South America from such an adventure book has been a different experience for me. I was especially impressed when I read the chapters in Germany. Racism, man’s inexhaustible greed and ambition will hurt you on every page. Nevertheless, a small favour a person does will be enough to warm your heart. Enjoy!

P.S. If you’ve never read Luis Sepúlveda before, I’d recommend checking him out. He has amazing children’s books as well!

The Name of a Bullfighter - Luis Sepúlveda

The Name of a Bullfighter

This “engrossing, thoughtful noir novel” (Publishers Weekly) pits a former South American Marxist guerrilla against an ex-Stasi agent in a race to uncover the truth about a cache of medieval coins stolen during World War II. Translated by Suzanne Ruta.

Luis Sepúlveda

Born in Santiago, Chile, Luis Sepúlveda is the multi-award-winning author of many adult novels and stories for children. Politically and socially engaged, he was persecuted and jailed by the Pinochet regime. And worked for years as a crew member on a Greenpeace ship. The Story of a Seagull and The Cat Who Taught Her to Fly has been translated in over 40 countries. There are several film and theatre adaptations.

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