The People of Paper – Salvador Plascencia

The People of Paper, a novel written in a technique different from the ones you know, is a novel that drives people to a completely different land. Aside from that, I must say that I am fascinated by the narration. If you find it in a bookstore, please take a look. I’ve no doubt you’ll be interested.


Regardless of the experience of reading, the book will make you engage with books and paper a lot more. You’ll realize what you are holding in your hand and appreciate it.

The People of Paper - Salvador Plascencia

In each character, you will find yourself a little, you will identify immediately. Some will make you angry; some will surprise you, and some will make you feel sad. However, each one of them will capture you, and then you will not want to leave.

While the Paper People melt, you’ll also melt with them. All the while, you will think that you’ve experienced it before. This exciting novel will feel like a slight déjà vu, and you’ll like it. 

Who knows what you’re going to think about Saturn? I wonder if you’ll show a tendency to rebel against it. I’m already dreaming and laughing about it. You better read this book. Enjoy!

Salvador Plascencia
Salvador Plascencia
The People of Paper Salvador Plascencia

The People of Paper

Amidst disillusioned saints hiding in wrestling rings, mothers burnt by glowing halos, and a Baby Nostradamus who sees only blackness, a gang of flower pickers heads off to war, led by a lonely man who cannot help but wet his bed in sadness. Part memoir, part lies, this is a book about the wounds inflicted by first love and sharp objects.

Salvador Plascencia

Salvador Plascencia is an American writer, born 21 December 1976 in Guadalajara, Mexico. The Plascencia family eventually settled near Los Angeles in the city of El Monte when he was eight years old. Plascencia holds a B.A. in English from Whittier College and an MFA in fiction from Syracuse University.

Reading this book contributed to these challenges: 

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