The President’s Hat – Antoine Laurain

The President’s Hat is a delightful book by Antoine Laurain. This was the only book I took with me on my Paris trip because the author has a way of capturing the reader with his narrative and because his topics are highly entertaining. I have previously read The Red Notebook by him and thought that he was one of those authors you can turn to when you feel a bit down. This book proved that I was right.


The President's Hat - Antoine Laurain

A hat that changes lives

The President’s Hat tells the story of Paris and a hat in Francois Mitterand’s era. Mitterand forgets his hat in a restaurant where he has dinner, and Daniel, who is right in the next table, decides to keep the hat of this great man to whom he admires. When he puts the hat on his head he realises the change in his mind and thoughts. Somehow everything is clearer and in a way, this hat makes him smarter. The hat allows Daniel to receive the long-awaited promotion. And with that promotion, he moves to a city which makes him very happy. But one day Daniel loses the hat, and he does everything he can to find him. It seems that the hat has its own agenda and waiting for its new owners.

Throughout the book, the hat changes the lives of the new owners one by one. To be honest, I love the story of every character. And I think that all of them will make excellent books too!

Another thing I like about Antoine Laurain is his mentioning plenty of perfumes in his books. I’m a perfume enthusiast. If I find myself in a shopping centre, the first thing I do is to start sniffing the perfumes. So the author’s relationship with perfumes made me love him even more. I would recommend his books if you are looking for a light and pleasant book to read. Enjoy!


About the book: The President’s Hat

A charming fable about the power of a hat that takes the reader on a roller-coaster ride through French life during the Mitterrand years. Dining alone in an elegant Parisian brasserie, accountant Daniel Mercier can hardly believe his eyes when President François Mitterrand sits down to eat at the table next to him. After the presidential party has gone, Daniel discovers that Mitterrand’s black felt hat has been left behind. After a few moments’ soul-searching, Daniel decides to keep the hat as a souvenir of an extraordinary evening. It’s a perfect fit, and as he leaves the restaurant Daniel begins to feel somehow … different.

Antoine Laurain

Antoine Laurain is a novelist, screenwriter, journalist, director and collector of antique keys. He is the author of the best-selling novels The President’s Hat and The Red Notebook.

The President's Hat - Antoine Laurain

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