The Snake the Crocodile and the Dog #7 – Elizabeth Peters

The Snake the Crocodile and the Dog is the seventh book in the Amelia Peabody series. In this mystery, Peabody and Emerson leave Ramses and Nefret behind and travel to Egypt for another excavation. Of course, trouble travels wherever they go, and this time, they meet with their archenemy, the Master Criminal inThe Snake the Crocodile and the Dog. 


The Snake, the Crocodile and the Dog - Elizabeth Peters

It was so entertaining reading about Nefret trying to settle into British society inThe Snake the Crocodile and the Dog. And of course, Ramses’s adoration of her is always a pleasure to read. InThe Snake the Crocodile and the Dog, we can only enjoy Ramses through his letters cause he is in England with Nefret, Walter and Evelyn. While Peabody and Emerson were searching for Nefertiti’s tomb and trying to enjoy a second honeymoon, the strangest thing happens.

Now Peabody has to take control and decide their faith. With a little help from friends and cats, she is onto another adventure, but this time the stakes are too high! Yet another cute and entertaining book in the Amelia Peabody series. Enjoy!

The Snake, the Crocodile and the Dog - Elizabeth Peters

The Snake the Crocodile and the Dog

The Snake the Crocodile and the Dog: A brand-new Elizabeth Peters novel The Snake the Crocodile and the Dog is one of the uncompromising pleasures in life. As Peter Theroux in the New York Times Book Review points out, “Her wonderfully witty voice and her penchant for history lessons of the Nile both ancient and modern keep [her] high adventure moving for even the highest brows.”

In her previous outing, The Last Camel Died at Noon, Amelia Peabody and her dashing husband, Emerson, discovered a fabulous lost oasis in the Nubian desert. Now, in the seventh mystery in the series, the Emerson-Peabodys are travelling up the Nile once again to encounter their most deadly adversary, the Master Criminal, who is back at his sinister best.

Amelia Peabody was unabashedly proud of her newest translation, a fragment of the ancient fairytale “The Doomed Prince.” Later, she would wonder why no sense of foreboding struck her as she retold the story of the king’s favourite son who had been warned that he would die from the snake, the crocodile, or the dog. Little did she realize, as she and her beloved husband sailed blissfully toward the pyramids of ancient Egypt, that those very beasts (and a cat as well) would be part of a deadly plot. The expedition began so happily…

Leaving their delightful, but catastrophically precocious, son, Ramses, back in England, Amelia hoped this romantic trip might rejuvenate her thirteen-year-old marriage and bring back the thrills that she feared were fading. She and her dear Emerson were returning to the remote desert site where they had first fallen in love, Amarna, the holy city of Akhenaton and his beautiful queen, Nefertiti.

But their return would threaten not only their marriage but their very lives with perils as chilling as a mummy curse. An old enemy was determined to learn Amelia and Emerson’s most closely guarded secret: the location of a legendary long-lost oasis and a race of people bedecked in gold. So cunning was his scheme that Amelia might overlook – until it was too late – the truth about the mystery. The Snake the Crocodile and the Dog.

Elizabeth Peters

Barbara Louise Mertz was an American author who wrote under her own name. As well as under the pseudonyms Elizabeth Peters and Barbara Michaels. In 1952, so she received a PhD in Egyptology from the University of Chicago. While she was best know for her mystery and suspense novels. In the 1960s she authored two books on ancient Egypt, both of which have remained in print ever since.

Barbara Gross was born on September 29, 1927, in Canton, Illinois. She graduated from the University of Chicago with a bachelor’s degree in 1947, a master’s degree in 1950, and a PhD in Egyptology in 1952, having studied with John A. Wilson. She authored two books on ancient Egypt (both of which have been continuously in print since first publication) but primarily wrote mystery and suspense novels.

She became a published writer in 1964. She was married to Richard Mertz for 19 years (1950-1969) which ended in divorce. They had two children, Peter and Elizabeth Mertz. Under the name Barbara Michaels, she wrote primarily gothic and supernatural thrillers.

Reading this book contributed to these challenges: 

Amelia Peabody Series by Elizabeth Peters

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