The Story of the Lost Child – Elene Ferrante

The Story of the Lost Child is Elena Ferrante’s last book of the Neapolitan Novels. I loved the author when I started reading this series. In the second book, I was fascinated by Ferrante’s storytelling. In the third book, I started getting angry with the characters, and finally, I can say that the last book was a big disappointment for me. I guess I couldn’t bear with reading about this awful life anymore; I’m not sure.


Story of the Lost Child - Elene Ferrante

I realized that as Lenu and Lila grew older, I started to dislike the books. As I got to know these two women more closely, I thought that if they were in my life, I would leave the country and change identity in order not to see both of them. Of course, I am amazed that a book can create such strong emotions in me. This just proves how strong the author is. However, after a while, I feel sick to my stomach reading about them. Rather than the cruelty of people, these two women “despite all their smartness”, disgusted me.

In summary, would I recommend reading these four books? Yes, but I suggest you lower your expectations completely after the first two books. Enjoy!

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Story of the Lost Child - Elene Ferrante

Story of the Lost Child

The fourth and final book of the internationally renowned and bestselling Neapolitan novels

One of the major publishing events of 2015, this dazzling saga of two women – the brilliant Elena and the fiery, uncontainable Lila – firmly establishes the Neapolitan Quartet as perhaps the most significant work to date of the 21st century. Life’s great discoveries have been made, its vagaries and losses suffered. But, throughout it all, their friendship remains the gravitational centre of their lives. The unmissable finale to a great literary achievement.

Elene Ferrante

Elena Ferrante is a pseudonymous Italian novelist. Ferrante’s books, originally published in Italian, have been translated into many languages. Her four-book series of Neapolitan Novels are among her best-known works. Time magazine called Ferrante one of the 100 most so influential people in 2016.

Reading this book contributed to these challenges: 

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