Three Envelopes – Nir Hezroni, 3 Envelopes & 1 Genius Agent

Three Envelopes is the first book by Israeli writer Nir Hezroni and, in my opinion, an excellent work for a first book! Although I don’t usually read such books, the subject of this book was fascinating to me, and after reading a few pages, I realised that I wanted to read the book as soon as possible out of curiosity. Nir Hezroni is truly a genius, and this is reflected in every line of the book.


Three Envelopes - Nir Hezroni

In Three Envelopes, Agent 10483’s diary and two separate chapters go hand in hand. While reading through his diary about what Agent 10483 did as a child, you may have a more or less idea of ​​what kind of person he might be in the future, but still, you will be surprised as the book progresses. This man, a highly intelligent psychopath, is hired by an organisation with world-class activities and takes care of small jobs for a while until he proves himself.

But after some time, when the company fully sees what he is capable of, he receives three envelopes. From now on, this breathtaking novel, which is fully accelerated, is so brilliantly written that you will read it with pleasure and excitement. It is a must-read for all thriller readers. Enjoy!

Three Envelopes - Nir Hezroni

Three Envelopes

Agent 10483 carried out his missions perfectly. Too perfectly. When a top agent in the Israeli Organization receives a disturbing notebook written by the mysterious 10483, supposedly dead for years, he realizes that something went terribly wrong.

Is 10483 a psychopath who outwitted his handlers for years? Or was he manipulated by his superiors to carry out the most monstrous assassinations in the history of the state of Israel? And why was he the only agent to receive three envelopes with targeted killing assignments instead of one, as part of a lethal and top secret operation? Was he responsible for locking up his victims and staging their deaths, or was he himself merely the victim of a brilliant scientist whose cutting-edge discoveries enabled her to manipulate his brain waves?

Offering a fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpse into the technology of high-level intelligence operations, Nir Hezroni’s dark thriller is a chilling exploration of the mind of a master killer.

Nir Hezroni

Nir Hezroni (1968) was born in Jerusalem. After studying physics in high school and completing several years of military service in intelligence, Hezroni retired to study economics and business management. He then proceeded to build a career in high tech. In 2014 he published his first thriller, THREE ENVELOPES, which was enthusiastically received by critics and readers alike. He lives with his family near Tel Aviv.

From his Goodreads profile: I’m an IT guy during the day (one has to make a living…) and an author during the night.

After studying physics in high school and a few years of military service I took a backpack and traveled around the globe for a while and then studied Economy and Business Management. I still like traveling but these days these are relaxed trips with my family and not canoeing on the Amazonas, exploring ice caves in Iceland or climbing the Kilimanjaro.

Three Envelopes - Nir Hezroni

Today I live near Tel-Aviv with my wife Etty and my two daughters Noam and Yuval.

My debut novel, Three Envelopes, was first published in Israel during 2015 and then translated into English, Polish and Turkish. In North America, it is being published by Thomas Dunne Books (an imprint of St. Martin’s Press and Macmillan). It is the first out of two fiction novels telling the story of a psychopath intelligence agent that was given too much power and carries out his missions in an unusual way. I love science and incorporate it into my stories whenever I can.

Reading this book contributed to these challenges: 

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