Tokyo Year Zero – David Peace

Tokyo Year Zero will immediately hook you with its engaging style and the narrator that you can empathise for some reason. David Peace’s style will amaze you, and you’ll feel what it is like to be in Tokyo, surrendered in battle. Of course, in the face of this terrible situation, you will want to leave the book all the time. From time to time, you may feel itchy, disgusted, sad and angry. But you will always think that David Peace is an excellent author.


Tokyo Year Zero - David Peace

Tokyo Year Zero is a novel that tells how terrible the war is. Detective Minami, who is upset in many respects but still does not leave his job, is a character that will make you feel like himself. I am sure that David Peace’s tiring narrative is not for everyone. However, I can say that it has a significant effect. Before buying it, take a look and see if you like his style. Enjoy!

Tokyo Year Zero - David Peace

Tokyo Year Zero

On August 15, 1946—the first anniversary of the Japanese surrender—the partially decomposed, raped, and strangled bodies of two women are found in Shiba Park. More murders will soon be uncovered: women killed in the same way, and, it becomes clear, by the same hand.

Narrated by the irreverent, despairing yet determined Detective Minami of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, Tokyo Year Zero tells a fictionalized story of the real-life hunt for “the Japanese Bluebeard”—a decorated Imperial soldier who raped and murdered at least ten women amid the bleak turmoil of post-war Japan (“one huge sea of displaced persons . . . one minute here and one minute gone”). And it is the story of Detective Minami: chasing down, and haunted by, memories of atrocities that he can no longer explain or forgive.

David Peace

David Peace is an English writer. Best known for his UK-set novels Red Riding Quartet, GB84, The Damned Utd, and Red or Dead, Peace was name one of the Best of Young British Novelists by Granta in their 2003 list. 

Reading this book contributed to these challenges: 

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