Vintage 1954 – Antoine Laurain

I wanted to read Vintage 1954 on the longest night of the year. To my surprise, I finished it way too quickly. It turns out, reading about 1950s Paris is what I needed on this cold and dark day.


Vintage 1954 is a typical Antoine Laurain book. It is fun, engaging, intriguing and has all the other qualities that will help you escape from reality.

Vintage 1954 - Antoine Laurain

Parisian Hubert, antique restorer Magalie, mixologist Julien, and Bob the American find themselves travelling back in time after sharing a bottle of Vintage 1954 one night. It doesn’t take a lot of time for them to understand what has happened, but they have no idea how to turn back to the future.

In the meantime, they find love, discover all the glamour of 1950s Paris, meet with Edith Piaf and many other stars of the time. If you like Paris and sweet stories that’ll make you feel good you’ll love this one. Open up a good bottle of wine and enjoy.

Vintage 1954 Antoine Laurain

Vintage 1954

When Hubert Larnaudie invites some fellow residents of his Parisian apartment building to drink an exceptional bottle of 1954 Beaujolais, he has no idea of its special properties.
The following morning, Hubert finds himself waking up in 1950s Paris, as do antique restorer Magalie, mixologist Julien, and Airbnb tenant Bob from Milwaukee, who’s on his first trip to Europe. After their initial shock, the city of Edith Piaf and An American in Paris begins to work its charm on them. The four delight in getting to know the French capital during this iconic period, whilst also playing with the possibilities that time travel allows.
But, ultimately, they need to work out how to get back to 2017, and time is of the essence…

Antoine Laurain

Antoine Laurain is a French writer. He has a wide following in the Anglosphere, where many of his books have been published in translation.

Reading this book contributed to these challenges: 

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