Wish Her Safe at Home – Stephen Benatar

Wish Her Safe at Home is published by New York Review Books, and I love their books in general. On top of that, its subject sounds fascinating, so I didn’t think much and bought it. After waiting in my library for a long time, I wanted to read it before this year was over. Of course, I did not expect it to be the most disturbing book I’ve read in a long time.


Rachel is naturally quite happy when she learns that her great-aunt left her a house when she least expects it. She leaves his job in London and her not-so-positive flatmate and moves to her new home in Bristol. With some of the money she has saved over the years, she makes the necessary changes at home and leaves herself to enjoy life.

Wish Her Safe at Home - Stephen Benatar

Rachel works with a young man to turn her garden into a paradise. She impresses everyone she meets with her joy. She begins to write a book about a man she discovered through her new home. However, we are quick to realize that something is wrong. In the corner of a perfect picture, we begin to see things that are not at all normal there.

The closer the book gets to its end, the more disturbing it gets. I had to take frequent breaks while reading. Good thing I didn’t quit halfway or I wouldn’t be affected like that. This is not a book for everyone. It can even be boring at times. But it can be highly interesting for some. Enjoy!

Wish Her Safe at Home

Wish Her Safe at Home

Who hasn’t imagined winning the lottery or coming into an inheritance? Wouldn’t it be great to chuck your old workaday life and live it up somewhere else? At the start of Wish Her Safe at Home, Rachel Waring seems to be experiencing a dream come true: out of nowhere, her great-aunt leaves her a mansion-and she moves in without delay. Gone is Rachel’s administrative job, her mousy wardrobe, her downer of a roommate.

From now on she will be a woman of leisure, devoted to beauty, creativity, and expression. She plants a garden, takes up writing, and impresses everyone she meets with her extraordinary optimism. But as we watch Rachel singing and joking away her days, we begin to wonder if she might be taking her transformation just a bit too far.

Stephen Benatar

Stephen Royce Benatar is an English author from London. His first publish novel, The Man on the Bridge, was publish in 1981. His second novel, Wish Her Safe at Home, was publish in 1982 and reissue in 2007 and so 2010. He is know for self-publishing and self-promoting his novels.

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