10 Powerful Books About Peace

We should read books about peace, right? In a world marked by turmoil and conflict, the quest for peace has always been a paramount concern for humanity. This list of enlightening nonfiction books about peace provides valuable insights, historical perspectives, and practical guidance to navigate the complexities of a world that often seems rife with discord. These books about peace serve as beacons of hope, offering inspiration and knowledge for those striving to build a more peaceful world.


books about peace

Books About Peace

The Peace Book 108 Simple Ways to Create a More Peaceful World - Louise Diamond

The Peace Book – Louise Diamond

Louise Diamond provides a practical guide to creating peace on both a personal and global level. Her book outlines 108 simple and actionable steps that can contribute to a more peaceful world, making it a compelling read for anyone interested in fostering positive change. A must-read among books about peace.

The Anatomy of Peace Resolving the Heart of Conflict  The Arbinger Institute

The Anatomy of Peace: Resolving the Heart of Conflict – The Arbinger Institute

The Anatomy of Peace will instil hope and inspire reconciliation among books about peace. Through a series of moving stories about once-bitter enemies reunited, it shows us how we routinely https://amzn.to/3SwFucbmisunderstand the causes of conflict – and perpetuate the very problems we’re trying to solve. The Anatomy of Peace shows you how to:

– Focus on helping things go right, rather than ‘fixing’ things that go wrong
– Think about others as people with fears of their own, not obstacles in your way
– Stop worrying about how the world sees you
– Learn to move away from blame and bitterness

The Art of Peace - Morihei Ueshiba

The Art of Peace – Morihei Ueshiba

The inspirational teachings in this collection show that the real way of the warrior is based on compassion, wisdom, fearlessness, and love of nature. The teachings are drawn from the talks and writings of Morihei Ueshiba, founder of the popular Japanese martial art of Aikido, a mind-body discipline he called the “Art of Peace,” which offers a nonviolent way to victory in the face of conflict. Ueshiba believed that Aikido principles could be applied to all the challenges we face in life—in personal relationships, as we interact with society, and at work and in business. An interesting one among books about peace.

Peace Is Every Step - Thich Nhat Hanh

Peace Is Every Step – Thich Nhat Hanh

Lucidly and beautifully written, Peace is Every Step contains commentaries and meditations, personal anecdotes and stories from Nhat Hanh’s experiences as a peace activist, teacher, and community leader. It begins where the reader already is – in the kitchen, office, driving a car, walking in a park – and shows how deep meditative presence is available now.

Nhat Hanh provides exercises to increase our awareness of our own body and mind through conscious breathing, which can bring immediate joy and peace. Nhat Hanh also shows how to be aware of relationships with others and of the world around us, its beauty and also its pollution and injustices. The deceptively simple practices of Peace is Every Step encourage the reader to work for peace in the world as he or she continues to work on sustaining inner peace by turning the ‘mindness’ into the mindful. A good one among books about peace.

Peace in the Age of Chaos - Steve Killelea

Peace in the Age of Chaos – Steve Killelea

Peace in an Age of Chaos offers a new way of conceptualising how to create a peaceful world among books about peace from Steve Killelea, creator of the Global Peace Index and founder of world-renowned think tank, the Institute for Economics and Peace.

The major challenges facing humanity are global in nature: climate change, ever-decreasing biodiversity, full use of the fresh water on the planet, to name a few. Unless the world is basically peaceful, we will never get the trust, cooperation and inclusiveness to solve these issues, yet what creates peace is poorly understood.

Working on an aid program in one of the most violent places in the world, North East Kivu in the DR Congo, philanthropist and business leader Steve Killelea asked himself, What are the most peaceful nations? Unable to find an answer, he created the world’s leading measure of peace, the Global Peace Index, which receives over 16 billion media impressions annually and has become the definitive go-to index for heads of state.

Steve Killelea then went on to establish world-renowned think tank, the Institute for Economics and Peace. Today its work is used by organisations such as the World Bank, United Nations and Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and taught in thousands of university courses around the world. An interesting read among books about peace.

Making Peace Last - Robert Ricigliano

Making Peace Last – Robert Ricigliano

The international community invests billions annually in thousands of projects designed to overcome poverty, stop violence, spread human rights, fight terrorism and combat global warming. The hope is that these separate projects will ‘add up’ to lasting societal change in places like Afghanistan. In reality, these initiatives are not adding up to sustainable peace. Making Peace Last offers ways of improving the productivity of peacebuilding.

This book defines the theory, analysis and practice needed to create peacebuilding approaches that are as dynamic and adaptive as the societies they are trying to affect. The book is based on a combination of field experience and research into peacebuilding and conflict resolution. This book can also be used as a textbook in courses on peace-building, security and development. Making Peace Last is a comprehensive approach to finding sustainable solutions to the world’s most pressing social problems among books about peace.

Exhaust the Limits - Charles F Dambach

Exhaust the Limits – Charles F Dambach

Inspired by the leaders, causes, and music of his youth, Chic Dambach set out to change the world. This is the fascinating life story of a ’60s antiwar and free-speech leader who remained true to his values and helped build a more peaceful world.

Along the way, he witnessed the torture of a black football teammate, he led a strike for his Peace Corps training group, his best friend and mentor was murdered, he donated a kidney to save his son’s life, faced financial ruin, helped end two major wars in Africa, and created the first Global Symposium of Peaceful Nations. Exhaust the Limits is a compelling adventure story and road map for idealists young and old. A great one among books about peace.

World Peace and How to make it Happen - Monish Dhawan

World Peace and How to make it Happen – Monish Dhawan

This book is by far one of the most important books you will ever read in your life, for the information it carries is priceless and the need of the hour among books about peace. When you Read this Book, You will be amazed to realize, how a simple and proven path exists (40 years old) to creating World Peace or make earth peaceful but no one has heard about it Yet. This Book Breaks down the Utopian Idea of World Peace, gives 3 simple practical steps, when applied will get us to our end goal: World Peace.

Let me explain what I mean when I use the word ‘World Peace’? It means, if we follow the path mentioned in the book, we will be able to live in a world which is free from all kinds of crimes or negativities, be it Global Warming, Rapes, Child abuse, Sexual abuse, Animal Abuse, De-Forestation, Murders, Wars, Terrorism…

You name it. It sounds like a big claim, but when you understand the science behind it and the out of the box approach; you will be thrilled on how in 3 simple steps you can create World Peace. Contrary to the common belief, you will be amazed to realize that, we do not need the whole world to understand and practice this science, less than 1% of the world’s population is all we need. World Peace Includes Peace for yourself and your family among books about peace.

World Peace - Alex J. Bellamy

World Peace – Alex J. Bellamy

For as long as there has been war, there have been demands for its elimination. The quest for world peace has excited and eluded political leaders, philosophers, religious elders, activists, and artists for millennia. With war on the rise once again, we rarely reflect on what world peace might look like; much less on how it might be achieved. A must-read among books about peace.

Peace A World History - Antony Adolf

Peace: A World History – Antony Adolf

A beautiful one among books about peace. How peace has been made and maintained, experienced and imagined is not only a matter of historical interest, but also of pressing concern. A World History is the first study to explore the full spectrum of peace and peacemaking from prehistoric to contemporary times in a single volume aimed at improving their prospects. By focusing on key periods, events, people, ideas and texts, Antony Adolf shows how the inspiring possibilities and pragmatic limits of peace and peacemaking were shaped by their cultural contexts and, in turn, shaped local and global histories. Diplomatic, pacifist, legal, transformative non-violent and anti-war movements are just a few prominent examples.

Proposed and performed in socio-economic, political, religious, philosophical and other ways, Adolf’s presentation of the diversity of peace and peacemaking challenges the notions that peace is solely the absence of war, that this negation is the only task of peacemakers, and that history is exclusively written by military victors.

“Without the victories of peacemakers and the resourcefulness of the peaceful,” he contends, “there would be no history to write.” This book is essential reading for students, scholars, policy-shapers, activists and general readers involved with how present forms of peace and peacemaking have been influenced by those of the past, and how future forms can benefit by taking these into account. A must-read among books about peace.

These books about peace offer a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and practical guidance for those seeking to contribute to a more peaceful world. Whether you are interested in inner peace, conflict resolution, or global harmony, these ten nonfiction books about peace will provide you with valuable perspectives and tools to embark on your own journey towards peace. Hopefully, reading these books about peace can empower individuals and communities to make a positive impact on the world and bring us closer to a future marked by lasting peace.

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