10 Great Books About Pisces – Zodiac Sign Series

Last on the zodiac sign series, here are the books about Pisces! Pisceans are the dreamy, compassionate folk among us. Want to daydream while listening to music? Find a Pisces and enjoy the ride.


Books About Pisces

This list of books about Pisces contains only books about Pisces, not what Pisces should read. I think these books would make a great birthday present and an even better Christmas present. And also, if you have an Pisces partner, you can learn more about them using the guidance of astrology; at least it is so much fun! I hope you’ll find a good one among the books about Pisces on this list.

Pisces in a nutshell

Element: Water
Colour: Mauve, Lilac, Purple, Violet, Sea green
Quality: Mutable
Day: Thursday
Ruler: Neptune, Jupiter
Greatest Compatibility: VirgoTaurus
Lucky Numbers: 3, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24
Dates: February 19 – March 20

Strengths: Compassionate, artistic, intuitive, gentle, wise, musical
Weaknesses: Fearful, overly trusting, sad, desire to escape reality, can be a victim or a martyr
Pisces likes: Being alone, love, sleeping, music, romance, swimming, spiritual themes
Pisces dislikes: Know-it-all, being criticized, the past coming back to haunt, cruelty of any kind

Pisces are very friendly and often find themselves in company of very different people. They are selfless and always willing to help others, a very fine intent for as long as they don’t expect anything much in return. People born with their Sun in Pisces have an intuitive understanding of the life cycle and form incredible emotional relationship with other humans on the basis of natural order and senses guiding them.

The sign of Pisces is a Water sign, ending the cycle of Cancer and Scorpio, being the one to disperse everything that happened in the past and change anyone’s relative view on forgiveness. They are characterized by empathy and incredible emotional capacity, but only if they keep their boundaries strong and don’t let outer emotions overwhelm them.

Ruling planets of the sign of Pisces and Neptune and Jupiter, and intuition is the strongest suit of their kind. Connected to art, music, and any sort of liberal expression, every Pisces representative has a talent they need to use to feel creative and free. Tolerant and compassionate, they could do too much for other people out of good intentions, forgetting about their own wellbeing in the process.
From: Zodiacsign.com

Books About Pisces

Pisces - Stella Andromeda

Pisces – Stella Andromeda

PERCEPTIVE PISCES, SIREN, ARTIST, DAYDREAMER. DIG DEEP, MAKE YOUR SPLASH. Who are you going to fall in love with next? What job should you really be in? When are you finally going to come into that big money? Why does everyone freak out when Mercury is in retrograde? In our increasingly turbulent world, many of us are looking to the sky to find guidance in the ancient art of astrology. A good gift among books about Pisces.

In Pisces, Stella Andromeda will tell you all you need to know about your astrological life as the fish. Learn how to harness the ancient power of the zodiac and open your mind to what the universe can offer in ways you never would have imagined. With advice that covers everything from self-care to sex, this little book is your key to a very starry future. A beautiful edition among books about Pisces.

Pisces - Mari Silva

Pisces – Mari Silva

If you want to learn about the Pisces zodiac sign, then keep reading… You’ll love this one among books about Pisces.

Pisces is an amazing sign in the zodiac and is misunderstood by many.

That could be due to a general lack of knowledge about astrology, but it’s probably because Pisces is not that easy to pin down.

Just when you think you’ve got a bead on the slippery fish, they swim away, and you’re no wiser!

In this comprehensive book, you’ll meet Pisces, both through explanations of the astrological influences which may be at play and through classical traits and characteristics which most people have an inkling of – but don’t completely grasp.

In this one among books about Pisces, you’ll discover:

  • Who Pisces is.
  • What kind of world Pisceans live in at work, at play, and in the home.
  • Where their talents are best put to use, well beyond traditional ideas about what kind of work Pisces are best suited for.
  • What to remember if you’re raising a Pisces child.
  • What Pisces needs in a romantic relationship.
  • Who Pisces fall in love with, for better or worse.
  • Who Pisces love to hang out with, work with, and form deep, enduring friendships with.
  • You’ll discover the technical side of astrology, with in-depth discussions about decanates /decans, how the moon affects the sign, planetary influences, rising signs, and Houses.
  • The question “What does Pisces need?” will be answered.
  • You’ll also read about the sexed nature of astrological signs and why it may be time to move on from ideas about masculinity and femininity, which may be tainting astrology worldwide. A must-have among books about Pisces.
Pisces - Shakirah Tabourn

Pisces – Shakirah Tabourn

Astrology is a vital tool for understanding our place in the world and the universal forces that move us. A cosmic calling rather than a fated destiny, our astrological sign is a key to uncovering our mission here on earth. Learn about how your sign grows from child to adult, fits in at school and at work, and functions best as a friend, lover, parent, and more. In these practical and empowering guides to the zodiac signs, contemporary astrologers teach you to use this dynamic language to better understand yourself and the people around you. A beautiful edition among books about Pisces.

The Big Book of Answers About The Pisces Man - Anna Kovach

The Big Book of Answers About The Pisces Man – Anna Kovach

Is your Pisces man both hot and cold and keeps confusing you all the time? You’re not alone! You’ll love this one among books about Pisces.

The Big Book of Answers About The Pisces Man is a step by step guide for anyone who is trying to make their relationship with a Pisces man both stable and passionate.

What Answers Will You Get in this one among books about Pisces:
1. Is your Pisces man ‘The One’ for you
2. How to get a Pisces man to chase you
3. Does he really like you
4. Why are Pisces men so complex
5. What to do when he disappears and doesn’t call you back
6. How to win back a Pisces man after a break up
…and many more!

Is your Pisces man both hot and cold and no matter how hard you try, you never know what he really wants? – then this book might just help you save the relationship with your Pisces man! Over the years, Anna Kovach has helped thousands of women who were in the same situation as you.
It’s important to know that Pisces are very complicated but once you get all the answers that you need, you can really save your relationship! All you have to do is pay attention to all the little details from this guide and the results are guaranteed!

With a few tips and tricks you can really make your Pisces man love you with all his heart! Don’t give up on your man before giving him a real chance! A must-have among books about Pisces.

Pisces - Sally Kirkman

Pisces – Sally Kirkman

You are a Pisces. You are the romantic dreamer and idealist of the zodiac.

The signs of the zodiac can give us great insight into our day-to-day living as well as the many talents and qualities we possess.

But in an increasingly unpredictable world, how can we make sense of them? And what do they mean?

This insightful and introductory guide delves deep into your star sign, revealing unique traits and meanings which you didn’t know. Along the way, you will discover how your sign defies your compatibility, how to improve your health and what your gifts are. A good one among books about Pisces.

The Little Book of Self-Care for Pisces - Constance Stellas

The Little Book of Self-Care for Pisces – Constance Stellas

Looking for a little help? Choose this one among books about Pisces. Take Time for You, Pisces!

It’s me time—powered by the zodiac!Welcome star-powered strength and cosmic relief into your life with The Little Book of Self-Care for Pisces.
While Pisces may value community, this book truly puts you first. Let the stars be your guide as you learn just how important astrology is to your self-care routine. Discover more about your sign and your ruling element, water, and then find the perfect set of self-care ideas and activities for you.

From savoring a home-cooked meal to creating a personal altar, you will find more than one hundred ways to heal your mind, body, and active spirit. It’s stellar self-care especially for you, Pisces!  A great present among books about Pisces.

Pisces Crystal Astrology for Modern Life - Sandy Sitron

Pisces Crystal Astrology for Modern Life – Sandy Sitron

For the ones into crystals among books about Pisces. Glimmering, gossamer, compassionate Pisces – your astro-crystal journey starts here!

Harness the energy of the stars with the healing power of crystals to create a deeper connection with yourself for a confident, empowered, high-vibe life.

Leverage the strengths of your Pisces gifts with unique crystal recommendations for love, friendship, money, work and health, and discover personalised rituals and meditations to help you thrive in your birth month and throughout the astrological year.

Whether Pisces is your Sun, Moon or Rising sign, or exists elsewhere in your chart, explore your unique astrology to realize your true potential and reach your dreams and goals. An interesting one among books about Pisces.

Pisces - Patty Greenall

Pisces – Patty Greenall

Have you ever wondered which Sun sign would make your ideal partner? Or whether a Gemini, Scorpio or Pisces should be the friend you turn to when you need a night out on the town or a shoulder to cry on? Find out how compatible you are with others, who would make your perfect lover or best friend, and how you can overcome your differences and get the best out of all your relationships.

These great books offer you the chance to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, and a profound insight into what motivates and inspires you based on your Sun sign. The more you learn about your Sun sign, the more you can express your own unique identity, make the most of your natural assets, and be the best you that you can possibly be. A beautiful edition among books about Pisces.

Inside the Sexual Mind of the Pisces Man - Lysa London

Inside the Sexual Mind of the Pisces Man – Lysa London

This title lists specifically what a woman needs to know in order to keep her man sexually fulfilled. It also takes the guesswork out of dating and sexual compatibility. It’s not enough to seduce a man if you can’t hold on to him afterwards. You must stimulate his secret nature in the bedroom or the next woman will.

You can find love, sex and happiness if you study the compatibility of your love interest.The fulfillment of your needs as well as your mates is the foundation of every relationship-especially sexual. Learn emotional and sexual secrets that will keep you ahead of the game. A fun one among books about Pisces.

Pisces (The Zodiac Killer) - WL Knightly

Pisces (The Zodiac Killer) – WL Knightly

A fiction among books about Pisces. Finn Wheeler, Pisces of the Zodiacs, has waited years to be taken seriously as a filmmaker, but when his recent trip to New York is upset by someone who is killing off members of the club, he can’t wait to get out of town.

But with all of his backers jumping ship, including Bay Collins, Finn will do anything to keep the only man he’s ever loved in the game.Detective Darek Blake, the Zodiac’s very own Sagittarius, is still walking the line as he and Lizzy McNamara make a trip to Virginia to hunt for clues at Camp Victory, but will he be able to deter her when the trip retraces his own steps the night Emily Johnson died?

Bay Collins, the Zodiac’s Scorpio and leader, is tired of being out of the loop and feels the others need a reminder of just who’s boss. Will he waste time trying to convince them, or make a power play that will show the killer who’s really running the show?The case turns on its head when passion and power collide.  Part of the Zodiac Killer series among books about Pisces.

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Are there any books about Pisces you’d like to add to this list? Would you please share in the comments section below?

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