It is that time of the year again! I love Christmas, and I love giving presents as much as receiving them. To be honest, I especially like buying gifts for book lovers in my life. That’s because I know they’ll appreciate the gifts more than anything and use them on a daily basis. On one condition, of course, they have to be about books or literature!

Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers

Do you have any book lover in your family or a bookish friend? Other than the most popular book, have no idea what to buy them? I did a little search for you so that you can save time and be sure to make that bookworm happy. Oh and, don’t forget to buy a book with your original present as well. A little extra won’t hurt anybody and a bookworm will always appreciate a book! There are so many gifts for book lovers that are not books so let’s discover them. 

Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers

Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers

If the book lover in your life likes technology, the obvious present would be the all-new Kindle Paperwhite. It is thin, very light and waterproof! I have it and I’m in love with it.
Buy here, it is on sale: Kindle Paperwhite.

Reading Journal

Reading journal Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers

For the book lover that loves to write as well as reading, this reading journal would be a perfect gift. I have this one, and I love the lists and literature related pages in it.
Buy here: Reading journal.

Frederick the Literate Cat Puzzle

Puzzle Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers

If that particular book lover in your life likes to spend time alone, it is most likely that she enjoys puzzles as well. This puzzle has books and a cat in it. Enough said.
Buy here: Frederick the Literate Cat Puzzle.

The Tequila Mockingbird Kit

literary drinks Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers

In his bestselling book Tequila Mockingbird, Tim Federle combines delicious cocktail recipes with beloved classic novels and witty humour. So if you have a reader and a drink enthusiast in your life, this is the gift you’ve been looking for. This kit includes 15 cocktail recipe cards, a stainless steel bartender’s jigger, and four cocktail stirring sticks.
Buy here: The Tequila Mockingbird Kit.

Bring Your Own Book Game

Bring your own book Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers

Bring Your Own Book Game is an excellent gift if the book lover loves playing games with her bookish friends! This is the game of borrowed phrases, where players search through books for text to take way out of context.
Buy here: Bring Your Own Book Game.

Library Collection Jane Austen Candle

Jane austen candle Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers

Christmas without candles is no fun! Reading also requires candles sometimes, and this Jane Austen candle is heavenly! Buy here: Library Collection Jane Austen Candle.

Penguin Mug Collection

penguin mugs Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers

All readers like to drink a hot cup of tea or coffee while reading.  This mug set from Penguin is a dream!
Buy from Penguin; it is on sale: Penguin Mug Collection.

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