Books About Art and Artists

I have always wanted to create a reading project titled Books About Art and Artists. That’s because whenever I read a good book about an artist, I wished that such books would reach more people. And of course, I think that literature and art are among the things that make people the happiest. The happiness factor increases when these two come together. This is exactly why I created this reading project, and I will make sure it will be an amazing one. I want to share with you every book I discover along the way. I hope you’ll share your favourite books with me as well.


Books about art and artists

Books About Art and Artists will be a project only about arts and artists. But, what is art? There is no consensus about the answer to this question. If you do not want to confuse yourself, only painting, sculpture and architecture would be enough. However, the purpose of this project is to be happy and discover new worlds. So it’s entirely up to you. As for the types of books, there will be no limits on this as well. There are academic books, novels, plays, books with just pictures and many more. You can choose whatever you want as long as you involve art in your daily lives.

Okay but, what is art for? I have Alain de Botton to give you the answer here. And, of course, a few links where you can reach free articles and books would be a cool treat. Wouldn’t you say?

Getty Publications Virtual Library
Getty Research Portal
Met Publications

Books About Art and Artists

Books About Art and Artists


I plan to read a lot of fiction about artists cause I believe its the best way to peak into their lives (even if it’s only slightly real or purely fiction). 


Books About Art and Artists

I will also read biographies, memoirs, academic books, essays and many more. 

Vincent van Gogh

Books About Art and Artists

Vincent van Gogh is my favourite artist of all time. I’ve read many books about him, and I’m sure I’ll read a lot more. So he gets to have his own corner here on this page. 

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