Keshiki – New Voices from Japan, Strangers Press

Keshiki – New Voices from Japan is a fantastic publishing project, covering eight new voices from Japan. It was made possible by Strangers Press; a small press from Norwich; certainly an excellent one. They are focusing on publishing literary translations and international writing in innovative or creative ways.


Keshiki - New Voices from Japan, Strangers Press

Keshiki is their first line of publications. It was a collaboration between the University of East Anglia, Writers’ Centre Norwich, and Norwich University of the Arts, funded by The Nippon Foundation. The book covers were designed by Norwich University of the Arts. I must say they are so nice to look at.

When so much in our world and in our culture is working to divide us, KESHIKI – meaning landscape, view, or vista – is a celebration of co-operation; of collaboration, creativity, and cultural exchange, in addition to literary excellence. 

Strangers Press
Keshiki, Strangers Press

Keshiki – New Voices from Japan

These beautifully designed books are short; in fact, the longest is 45 pages. They are here to introduce you to new authors from Japan and give you lots of joy in the meantime. Also, in each book, you’ll be able to discover a different Japan, thus dive into the Japanese culture in many different ways.

With this in mind, I’ll read all eight books and write about them here. So don’t forget to check this page for updates and join me if you want.

Keshiki - New Voices from Japan, Strangers Press
Keshiki series

The List

  1. Time Differences by Yoko Tawada
  2. Friendship for Grown-Ups by Nao-Cola Yamazaki
  3. Spring Sleepers by Kyoko Yoshida
  4. Mariko / Mariquita by Natsuki Ikezawa
  5. The Girl Who Is Getting Married by Aoko Matsuda
  6. At the Edge of the Wood by Masatsugu Ono
  7. Mikumari by Misumi Kubo
  8. Transparent Labyrinth by Keiichiro Hirano

If you like the idea of reading eight different authors from Japan, then you can buy the whole set here: Strangers Press. It is only £35.00 and also shipping is free for UK residents. I think it is important to realize the importance of such small press and support them in any way we can.

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